Jun 4, 2008

Why are there storms?

Scientifically we know what creates storms, but why? In last Sunday's sermon the guest preacher discussed human needs...and in that sermon he had a good point. Who, where, what, when, and how can be answered....but when one then asks "why?", we're stumped. Why is the sky blue? Why are ladybugs red? Why are some flowers yellow and other's white? And bygolly why don't we humans have wings? :P

I bring this up because on Sunday, after service, after seeing Iron Man (great movie btw), and after dropping off Bud in Story City, and while driving back to Des Moines, I was looking at these great huge white puffy clouds! If you're not up to date with the weather news, the midwest...very much including Iowa (where I live) we have been getting lots of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Parkersburg, a small town north of me, got demolished by a F5 tornado. Other small towns got damaged by tornadoes. After that floods, lots of rain, damaging winds that range between 50mph and 80mph. Wild stuff!

So I asked God the question, "Why are there storms?" We use them constantly as metaphors in spirituality, but what about the real ones? After listening, reading, and pondering on God's word, could storms possibly be because of the Fall? Do you think the new Earth will have blue skies, fantastic sunsets and sunrises, and clear night skies for star gazing without storms? I know Bud would miss them dearly, he loves storms...but as much as this earth, right now, needs rain, most storms bring damage. Leaves another question to ponder, why do plants need rain? Jesus said not to worry about the food we eat or the clothes we wear. I wonder if before the Fall plants didn't even need rain...that just got what they needed. Though, thats a bit stretched and I'm already having a hard enough time imagining earth without rain.

We use storms in movies as the "trial time" or "dooming moment". There's always thunder and lightening and then "Dun dun DUN!". We associate storms with fear, tragedy, and pain. Even spiritually. Is that a part of God? Or a part of the Fall?

To close, I was also pondering along this drive, in the sun, without air conditioning...so maybe I lost a few "smart cells"...but I have always flipped flopped between making this blog "business" or "personal". I believe it is going to be personal all the way. Business wise, I have a mailing list and a site. I want a place where we can ponder life, ponder thoughts, speak about God and just give insight to my life and who I am.

So with that, I leave you with a BEAUTIFUL picture Bud took of Madie.
God bless you and peace be with you today.