Sep 7, 2006

The Faeries of the Year

Wanted to let you know about my "other" current if I didn't have enough. :P

I am creating 12 faeries, one representing each month. Here's a sample....

Please check out the others over at my Project Cloud!

Sep 2, 2006

Christmas Card/Bookmark

disclaimer: poor scan quality, but with finished piece it will be more clear. thx. :P

Project - The Bookmark

This piece was originally commissioned by a local artist who, for Christmas, with his wife and other volunteers, serve the homeless. Every year they hand out small gifts to those volunteers and this year he asked me to make an angel with cookies bookmark. The piece isn't finished, still in the works, but here is what I am going to send him. Its 50% finished.

Project - The Christmas Card

Since the commission was for Christmas, I decided to make the piece 9 x 12 so that this year I could hand out a home made Christmas card to friends and family. So here is what the full image looks like so far. Again, only 50%.
The style is a bit different for me, leaning more towards classical imagery. Her face is more like, in my opinion, Leonardo's style of drawing. I really am pleased with the outcome of this piece, the Lord knew what emotion I was wishing to convey and helped me out. :)