Nov 17, 2011

The Camling House

So I've been updating my Amazon wish list for the last two weeks. It's a must for this time of year for two reasons. Birthday and Christmas. :) My mom and sister live for Amazon and how convenient it is. This got me thinking about things I need and want. One of them is the canvas brush holder that rolls up.
Pebble rocks in an old flower pot.
As I was preparing to paint yesterday I realized I wouldn't mind having a brush holder for the desk that held them up right. I'm getting a bit restless with how much my brushes roll around on my table. I did a google search and of course, Dick Blick came up. But so did a Sephora Inspired Brush Holder.

I had pebble rocks, I had jars, BAM! I have an instant brush holder. I painted and it was AMAZING the difference a brush holder makes. And...I didn't have to spend a cent.

To the left you'll see mine. I had jars, but when I saw this flower pot (attached to my heart) just sitting there not being used I thought it to be perfect. The soup cup is my water dish. I really like finding things around the house to use instead of spending money. Plus, I think it gives your studio and table some character.


One of my closest friend's birthday was yesterday. You might have heard of her...Candace Camling. If not, you should get to know her by visiting her blog HERE. As a gift, I created a bird house. She enjoys gardening, vintage, and bright colors. Also little critters like squirrels, birds, sugar gliders, and rabbits. I thought a bird house would be perfect!

I've painted bird houses in the past, and I wanted to give it another shot, doing a few things different this time.

I decided to use stencils first instead of painting randomly. I'm not very proficient in acrylic painting (and don't want to spend money on watercolor ground), so I have discovered keeping it simple is a good place to start.

I found it important to have a color and "theme" to start with. There are SO many possibilities with bird houses that it actually becomes overwhelming.

I first did the blue paint. Once it was dried I sanded it down to give a worn and weathered look. All of the trim and petals came way later in the process. I then moved on to imagery. I sponged in the branches, which left a lot more paint than I intended around my stencil. Not loving it I attempted to cover it with another layer of paint. I painted on the birds using a new tool (that worked much better...a sponge on a stick). After they were dry I then went in and painted them with a brush to bring the intensity of their shape back.

I discovered that I couldn't cover up the branches, but now they looked faded which was awesome! I took the sand paper and gently sanded away more paint from the branches in a few spots to bring out the lines. A happy accident. :)

Then came the detailing. I felt pretty confident with the direction and my imagination agreed. Things just started to come together. I kept thinking vintage, and the coral pinks went so well with the green blue. Reminded me of the old 3-D stop animation from the 70s (think Rudolph). I just started to add things that reminded me of Candace. A heart, the stripes, the line work around the hole which I thought looked like a large flower, etc.

I also added the white and pink trim to make the house feel more airy and sectioned. Adding her last name was pretty far towards the last detail I did. I thought if the house was outside how sweet it would be to have a personalized bird house. :) Alas, it is in her studio now, but still just as sweet.

Finally something needed to happen to the top. Brian and I discussed it and somehow somewhere I got the idea of doing a "cone" flower. lol It made me giggle but was so appropriate! So happy I did, because it brought the whole thing together!

All I did was glue on wooden shingle pieces I bought at Hobby Lobby for doll houses, then painted around. At this point I also learned of craft paint. Brian had some left over from college and it's amazing! Opaque like acrylic but more of a liquid. Much easier to work with! I then went crazy and brightened alllll of my whites. Totally made the piece pop! To finish, of course, the eyelet screw and a wee metal ball to decorate. I signed the bottom, added a yellow bow, and dropped it off.

Maybe when I retire (sheeeeah right) I'll make bird houses. ;)

Nov 9, 2011

Do you Braid?

Those who know me well...
know I always have a braid somewhere on my head. And if I don't, they know to look for my cross.

Braids have always been part of hair fashion and care don't think I need to research to say hundreds and hundreds of years!

To me they are a symbol of strength.
  •  Tribal women from all over the world braid their hair. In movies we see women of strength braid their hair to hold it back...while still keeping the length (something very magical about a woman with long hair). The braids represent a warrior.
A symbol of womanhood.
  • What is the timeless admiration of long hair? In art women with long hair is much more common than that of women with shorter locks. I believe it was even a representation of a woman's character or status. Today probably not so comes down to more of a fashion statement, but in my romantic mind I think it was much more hundreds of years ago.
A symbol of royalty.
  • As I read through numerous fairytales and stories as a little girl, I rarely saw any princess or queen with short hair. Let alone hair without some hint of braiding. The waves from a braid during sleep, a braided crown, braided hoops, etc. 
And a symbol of commitment.
  • One I am learning. It takes care and commitment to your health and care to have long hair. It breaks, it tangles, it pulls while you sleep, and it even gets caught in your armpits and pulls from there on some occasions. Being around small must always be up! And you don't want to wash it every day. What to do with that oily hair?! 
Do you braid your hair? Are you a WARRIOR PRINCESS? 

I braid it every day as my commitment to the Lord. I don't always want to wear my cross necklace, and I don't wish to yell out and voice every day that I'M CHRISTIAN. Instead, I want to live it out and have that be the focus. The braids, and the process of braiding is meditation for me to remember who I am in Christ.

I am beautiful, I have a purpose, I am loved, I am strong through the strength He gives me through His Spirit, and I am an heir to the Kingdom.

Go to my Facebook page and post a picture of your braids. If you don't know how to braid, do what I did: YouTube how to braid. By golly, you'll learn a lot fast!

Nov 3, 2011

The Three Pillars

What is your foundation?
Before I get into what mine is, I want to give a bit of background to the images you're going to see.

Towards the end of last year I introduced three little angels to you. One named Twilight, one Dusk, and the other Noon. Each one features animals and obviously, a certain time of day. This was the basis/theme for the series. To catch up, here are the two links to those posts:

Created by Sheila Lygo
Not too long after that, Crafts and Me asked if I would finish the sketches and create line art for digital stamps. And I did, you can find them here:

Many crafters have used these images and created gorgeous cards with them! It has inspired me not to give up on the images....but I still wasn't motivated on how to use them yet.

I have created many line art works for Crafts and Me, and there is something rewarding seeing all of your paintings and sketches in beautiful, black, and clean lines. I knew this past Monday I had to keep painting. Oceana is finished, and I'm still working on the months and another large WIP, but I believe I can do more. With two shows next year (more on that later), I need to be painting!

Though,  I didn't want to think about composition or the poses. I went through those beautiful line art works and saw the little angels. PERFECT! Now is the time.
But will I stay with the titles and theme? 
Here's what I wanted from these:
  1. The focus to be solely on the angel, and the background to be simple enough for licensing.
  2. Large enough to make an impact in person, but not so huge I will never get them done.
  3. They have to be sitting on something that can be similar in each and again, doesn't take away from the angel.
  4. To have a meaning worth sharing, that aligns with my faith, and inspires.
The results? The Three Pillars.

The Pillar of Love

The Pillar of Hope

The Pillar of Grace
(stay tuned! dun dun dun!)

These are the three pillars, or foundations of my faith and life. I truly believe, that if you give and have all three of these; Love, Hope, Grace; your life will be fruitful and filled with a sense of fulfillment. 

I am inspired today, Mae Day (as Brian likes to call it), the day I watch my baby niece, when I look at these drawings. Combining the two I am excited because these three little angels bring a message that in turn brings glory to God. What a beautiful image for young girls to grow up with, images they can relate to that show these foundations. I am so motivated to paint!

PS: this has nothing to do with the fact I'm reading a book on angels. :P Tho, if you're looking for some good information on them based on Scripture, check it out!

Oct 25, 2011

"The Blessing" and Things

Our life is made up of little things.
This is one of those posts where I share the little things that happen in my life. There's art, I promise.

First some exciting news!
We took out our air conditioners this past Sunday and found this!

Now, we knew we had birds nesting in our window sill in the kitchen. You could hear them, the cats totally heard them (Talor would scratch at the window all summer), but we just had no idea it would be this big!

We were both surprised (and thankful the birds had left their nest). It was fantastic to get an up close and personal look at this beautifully weaved nest.

Wow...just amazing.

Talor in her new spot. She was weighed in at 13.4 lbs at the vet! Oy!
After cleaning up from the removal of the air conditioners it spurred a whole cleaning and sorting spree. Brian and I really enjoy rearranging and trying to find the best way to utilize our space.

Not only that, but Brian brought home a giant plant from work on Friday. Whoo!! Problem was, we had no place to put it that would keep Talor from playing with it. The combination of the air conditioners and the plant created the best reason to rearrange.

The studio got cleaned up and moved around a bit, now there is no place for Talor to destroy. She keeps coming in trying to find something to knock over or climb on. Nothing. Except for the plant. lol But she has learned fast not to jump up to it.

To help out, I created a new napping spot for her. Within moments she made it hers, and....rarely leaves it when the studio is open. :) I am very proud of her for being such a good listener.

Once the studio was freshened up, again, I pulled out a painting that Natalie had suggested I finish. And, I did. I enjoy the piece, but find the format interesting for prints. I hope I find some use for it. I thought about ornaments, but circles don't cook well and turn into ovals. :/ Thus the reason you don't see circle ornaments in my shop.
"The Blessing"

Suggestions welcomed. :)
Print available on Etsy: 

Lastly a sneak peek at the December fairy. Prejudging not allowed. I say that because I am still not satisfied with her face. But I was the same way with the one above and in the end it came together.

I had to redraw and paint this several times!

The first one I didn't think my colors through, and it was too late to fix anything. The background turned to mud.

Then on the new piece I redrew her, oh about two times, and redrew her face about four times.

Brian says her face looks fine, to me it looks off. But I'm not giving up! Also, she's a bit different than my other girls. Once she's finished I'll go into why, but she's heavier set and has short curly hair. Hope to have her done this week!

Oct 18, 2011

The Untitled Mermaid

She emerges...

There's something emerging in my work lately, something very raw and real to me. When I place together "Midnight Warrior" and this piece, I see sister souls, or female figures demonstrating the same heart.

And there's something else too. How I'm beginning to portray them. What I add, the attention to portrait, bolder colors. I am taken back to my past when I used to draw tattooed mermaids and fairies painted in dark colors.

Yet this time it's different. This time they are strong, confident, and filled with a breath that when exhaled speaks "Warrior."

These small yet powerful paintings are reflecting the amazing Spirit within me, to share the empowerment the King wishes to bestow upon His daughters, the empowerment and strength we hold as princesses and heirs to His Kingdom.

These images are portraying the Warrior Princess. Aye, we are.

Want to help me title her? Visit HERE and read how you can join in the giveaway!
- Print and Original painting will be listed on Etsy November 1st.

Watercolor 6x4 inches  -  Title TBA on November 1st.
 PS: If you look closely to the detail image you'll see sparkling around the eyes. That is for you Natalie, my dear friend and sister in Christ. Luv ya!

Oct 12, 2011

What's The Title?

I need your help
And it's a GIVEAWAY! Whooo!

No really, I need your help. What should I title this new piece? Usually a name pops up, but everything I come up with is pretty cheesy or generic.

To make this fun, I've created this into a giveaway. So here's the "Work in Progress"...
Now here's how you can help and enter:

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Tell me what I should title my current Work in Progress in a comment below.

ADDITIONAL CHANCES TO WIN: Must do the MANDATORY entry before these, otherwise they don't count.
  • 1 entry - Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment here with a link to your twitter
  • 1 entry - Share this Giveaway with a direct link on Facebook, then leave a comment here saying you did so
  • 2 entries - Add this Giveaway to your blog roll and let me know where it is
  • 3 entries - Blog about this Giveaway, then leave a comment with the direct link to your post so that I can view it
  • 4 entries - Purchase some Christmas gifts from my
One post per entry and please include your name and email address, so I can contact you if you win. I will use to determine the winner.


Two 5x7 prints and two large bookmarks. These are from storage with the old Dreamflier Studios logo. A very special bunch! Can't be found anywhere else but through this giveaway.

Winner of the title chosen will receive an 10x8 print of the finished painting; free of course.
Go ahead, give it a try. Couldn't hurt. :)

Oct 6, 2011

Holiday Boot Camp

If you're a seller on Etsy...
then you probably know all about the Holiday Boot Camp. It started up two weeks ago, and I always look forward to it.

Original Watercolor Painting - "Lady of the Field
I look forward to someone else telling me what I should do to get my business in shape. It's hard running a business by yourself. I do everything (except my taxes, my sister comes over and helps me with the paper work). It's motivating to have a "To Do" list given by people I trust my business with. Now the work is here, and I'm busy as a bee.

But there lies the problem. I am more social this year, I believe, than any other year in my life. I am truly so overwhelmed with blessings that I can't keep up! I have two amazing families...mine and Brian's, a church family that I have bonded to like glue, and even at work I'm really creating relationships with my students...and with the kids at the youth group.

Bookmark - "The Grumpy Troll"
Where does the business fit in all of this? Heh, and I don't even have kids yet! I have a few hours every day to work on it. The "To Do" list feels too big for me.

I took almost 200 photos last week, but every one needs to be tweaked and cropped. Creating inventory takes quite a bit of time! I've come up with some packaging, but folding and cutting takes time. I'm making excuses in a sense, but truly, how do you make time?

I have also been trying to keep myself healthier this year. Brian and I quit smoking around March/April and began walking/going to the gym, eating healthier (which means cooking), and just making smarter choices. One of those is being sure to get at least 6 full hours of sleep every night. I would like it to be 7, but wow...I don't know where that hour is going to come from.

ACEO - "Hollyhock Princess"
Did I mention that I have to paint somewhere in there too? Have you noticed not too many paintings are popping up? And I discovered in the last two weeks, I need to fit this in.

There is also a need within me. Although I've enjoyed what I've painted lately, I personally feel they could be more. It's like I'm in a phase where things need to stay in small scale, just so I can be sure it will get done. There is so much out there I want to do! Why can't the days be like 40 hours instead of 24? And we would just be used to that.

It may appear that I am complaining, and I'm not. I feel seriously blessed by all of the stuff I have to do. So much more productive and worth my time than ever before. I actually see my life growing! Managing it is a new deal for me, so...

How do you do it? I am anxious to hear how other sellers or artists make the time to create income off of their craft while still running a home/life.

By the way, here's a work in progress. The goal is to have her done next week. She's 6x4 inches. "November"....hopefully....will be done tomorrow.

Sep 16, 2011

Tour the Studio

Show and Tell

I love peoples work spaces, especially artist studios. To see what makes them tick, their inspirations, how they organize (so that I can learn how to do a better job of it), etc.

About once or twice a year I'll reorganize and "situate" everything. Usually during the beginning of spring and of fall. Summer and winter are my busiest months so this makes sense. I have decided to get a bit more comfortable with the space since we probably won't be moving any time soon.

And to my fellow artist friends, I tried to get at least one of the pieces I've purchased up on my wall. You all inspire me so much, and I am deeply grateful for your companionship on this journey. :)

Shall we begin the tour? Okie doke.

My corner. What I see right when I walk into the studio. The adjacent corner is Brian's bookshelf and weights.

The drawing table. All crafting and art making happens here. Truly, I usually only have one piece out at a time, even if I'm working on more than one. I'm already pretty scatterbrained....having more than one piece out would demand too much.

Close up of my barrier against Talor jumping from the drawing horse, to this spot, just to get onto the drawing table. It also brings to my side some of my 3-D references for foreshortening/poses.

A new addition to the studio. My lil' "Cheerful Blessings" spot. It's to cheer me up and remind me of all the blessings in my life. Sunshine fairy compliments of James Browne.

View of my inspiration wall. I suggest this kind of wall to my students. Since I was a teen I have always covered my walls with artwork, photos, and small items. I take a lot of breaks where I just stare at the wall. Most often this will break any artist block or get me motivated to work.
 This is also where I process orders.

On the way out are all of my reference and manga books and storage for craft/art supplies I use very little.
That's it for now. If you have pictures of your studio I would LOVE to see them!! Post your link in a comment and I will for sure visit and see your space. :)

Sep 15, 2011

Midnight Warrior

She has stunned me.

"The quiet midnight warrior, without a sound, brings glory to her King ."  

It is rare for one of my paintings to stop me in my tracks and send shivers down my spine. But the more I gazed upon this wee painting, the more in awe I became.

One: it is rare for my paintings to appear looking at the viewer. "Lusinga", "Roseilee", and "Mourning" are the only ones....recently...that look at you. "Lusinga" and "Mourning" are some of my top sellers.

Two: The movement feels like a quiet moment, paused or in slow motion, as she passes by me while I'm on a night walk.

Three: Her wisdom and strength just presses upon my chest and makes me hold my a good way. The only thing I can compare that to is when I've seen a buck in our front yard during the winter. It's such a serene and heavenly moment that you want to last forever because of the majesty it represents.

Four: I see God in her eyes and in her breath. I'm astounded by that.

And Five: No colored pencil except for the drawing itself under the paint. I'm pretty proud of the richness I was able to create without relying on the colored pencil.

It's hard to believe she's only 4x6 inches, and the piece took me less than 48 hours. This is truly a piece by me from God. And I am in awe of his Majesty.

She is, of course, available on Etsy as a 6.5x10 inch print:

Sep 14, 2011

Halloween Progress Report

After about two hours of work. Hope to finish her tonight! ^_^

Asters for September

Asters for September
"Aster" - Flower of September
Yuppers, it's turnin' into autumn!

First thing's first...

The new Flower of the Month fairy for September is finished! It's been finished for a few weeks (sorry for my delay in posting). I have started November, she should be out by the end of September, if not the first week of October.

My Mama
My mother's birthday is in September, so any time I do a piece that has to do with Libra, September, Sapphire, or Autumn I tend to show features that resemble my mom.

She's a constant source of inspiration for me in the women I wish to show having courage and maturity. Plus, she has long gorgeous black hair. That inspires me EVERY time. :)

View the entire image and print listing on Etsy:

A Painting for Halloween

I don't normally paint for Halloween. It's been years since I even had the desire to. Now...that's not saying I don't like Halloween, but my work tends to be something that could be used year round. I like that. But I do so love a good mask, so I thought I'd paint one. :)

Here's the work in progress. She's pretty small; a 4x6 painting. Something quick but elegant. I have always wanted to throw a Masquerade Ball, hopefully someday I will. But until then, I must live through my paintings.

I hope to have her finished by the end of the week. If not, I'll go crazy! Not quite sure what to call her yet...

Have you ever been to a Masquerade Ball? If so, was it as much fun as they look? I want to know!

Aug 10, 2011

Birthday Flower Fairies

It has officially begun, a new series.
I have been wanting to do a birthday series for over two years now. Last year I did the colored pencil birthstone series, but only got half of them done. I find it difficult to finish a series.

I need your help!

Please keep me accountable for this series. Comment here or on Facebook, say how much you want to see your month, give ideas or suggestions, or just yell out "Hey, where's the next month?! It's been WEEKS!". :P

I want to do all twelve months. Here are the guidelines for my flower fairies...

Each piece will show:
  • The month's flower
  • The month's birthstone colors
  • A moon or sun
  • A braid of some sort in the hair (to me this is a symbol of God's warrior princess, or a daughter of God)
  • Something in the background having to do with the month and/or season
  • Must have a "Mucha" feeling. Yes, it has been done before, but I've been wanting to do it for a while and this is my chance.
  • Incorporate something from my pencil drawings (the birthstones).
Once the piece is finished I will post it as a 3.5x8.5 open edition print, and the original painting up on Etsy. I will try to get the pieces up in time for birthdays.

Since August is almost over I started with October. She's done entirely in watercolor, no colored pencil. It's been a while since I've done that.

open edition print on Etsy

Aug 1, 2011

Etsy Shop Arrangement

Can I have some feedback?

For the last, oh week or so, I've been trying to get feedback about my Etsy shop over on Facebook. I need more. Please take a moment and vote on the poll. 
go vote!

The reasons for the poll:
There are over a 100 items in my shop...a lot to shuffle through.

I like to get feedback from my followers and customers so that I may better serve you. I can't serve you efficiently and to the upmost best without knowing your thoughts and needs.

What is the poll about:
The poll is for me to decide if I should change out the sections. If you visit my Etsy Shop you would see a list of sections on the left navigation. I want to know if I categorize my items by subject matter that it would be easier for you to find what you're looking for.

So instead of shopping by item type (print, tin box, stickers, etc.) you would be shopping by subject (fairies, mermaids, angels, fairytales, biblical, etc.).

Please go vote!
if the link doesn't work, please visit and find the poll (it's only about two posts down).
*You must be logged into your FB account to vote in the poll. 

If you don't want to vote through FB please leave a comment here and vote!
A) YES section by fairies, mermaids, angels, etc.
B) EH I'm indifferent and it doesn't matter how the shop is arranged.
C) NO I like how the shop is arranged right now.

Thank You

Jul 26, 2011


There's a new piece a brewin'

Months ago a close friend of mine had a birthday. Yay! I thought how wonderful would it be if I did a painting just for her (she does like my work after all). Since then it's been an uphill battle. Not with her, but with the piece.

Many revisions happened, but to me the piece was too stiff and didn't portray the emotion she wanted shown. This piece is to be hung in the house as a reminder of God's strength shown through our weakness. A motivation and assurance for her.

Although the last revision had beauty, movement, and lush just didn't have the soul or heart I felt needed to be present.

FINALLY the seal broke and we have a heart felt sketch...but not without pain.

If you look real close you can see all of the erase marks. TONS of erase marks. Over and over. I was going to sell the sketch, but with the amount of erasing and the crease that happened by catching the drawing as it fell towards the floor, I don't believe its sell worthy any more.

I also went through some major emotions and physical pain this past week concerning my own walk with God and my faith. But through the love and prayer of those close to me I feel lifted up, and I know all is well, that God is here helping me.

SO now it's time to put it all together. I'm waiting for my new large 14x20 watercolor block in the mail to transfer. Rach, if you're reading this....don't settle on a frame until you see it finished....I believe this is going to be bigger than planned. ;)

This small thumbnail sketch is the concept for the piece. I will be following this when I draw the whole thing out. More mushrooms in a forest. Yay!

The reference for the figure is taken from with slight modifications (face and her right arm).

Jul 25, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Our Christmas in July giveaway winner is...

I just have to say, although I didn't get to comment on the posts,  I read every single one. What magical and heart warming memories! Hold on to them friends, they are so dear!

Some stories made me laugh, some squeezed my heart and almost brought me to tears. Thank you so very much for sharing some touching moments from your life. And thank you for joining in on the drawing.

Be blessed!

Jul 18, 2011

Into the Word

to find peace, one must listen.

This past weekend, the past couple of weeks, I have personally been in some transition. Not with where I live, or my jobs, nothing like that. But mentally.

To find peace and calm waters I need my God, I need Jesus, I need Love, I need to know that I have no reason for worry. Without these...believe it or not...I become a mad woman with a very sharp tongue.

This past weekend I was able to sit and talk with a very wise woman named Debbie who confirmed what has been simmering on my heart. I need to get to know who Christ was and is today.

He's the breath of my work, the reason I paint what I paint.

So I decided to listen to Matthew and John while painting. I didn't allow myself to do any other work (art related) other than this painting. It's a reminder that no matter how you choose to walk it, you need the Word. You need to Listen, and you need to Know. The result? PEACE.

Why share this with you? There are times where I find myself lost and pulled away from my painting. I run my etsy shop, work with licensors, etc. This piece was a must, and I'm so please with how she turned out because it conveys exactly what has been going on with me in the mist of daily life. The "moment" here is a "self portrait". 


Brian and I woke up this morning with no power. Yup, in 90 degree humid weather, our fans and air conditioners turned off. Power went out all along our street and it wouldn't be for another three hours, at the least, until all is turned on again. Wow. What luck! I get to practice praying and being in quiet. This is what I chose to do instead of complain or fret. I laid on the couch....calm heart beat keeps the body cooler...and just watched the trees thinking about Him.

With this choice my day, although not the best, was most definitely not the worst. It's hot, sticky, humid, and uncomfortable. But we are in the dining room right now, both working, together instead of in separate rooms as usual. What a blessing!

view "Into the Word" as a print on Etsy

Jul 13, 2011

Christmas in July!

I truly enjoyed the last giveaway so much, that I'm having another one for Christmas in July.
Giveaway Ends 7.24.11 

The Story
I am a huge fan of Christmas morning. My family is all separated, but we are all together, happily, on Christmas morning. We love our traditions. :)

One of my favorite Christmas morning memories was when I woke my younger sister up at 3am (as we always did) to go downstairs and see what Santa brought us. I think I was around 10 years old at the time. I remember walking down the stairs, and just over the banister I saw a large white table set up in the livingroom! It was magnificent!! I knew it had to be mine, it was like a shining star lit up by the Christmas tree.

To this day, that white table is in my studio, cut up, written up, and banged up.....I so love my white drawing table!

Now it's your turn!

The Entry
MANDATORY ENTRY: Share your favorite Christmas morning memory by commenting below (required).

ADDITIONAL CHANCES TO WIN: Must do the MANDATORY entry before these, otherwise they don't count.

  • 1 entry - Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment below with the link
  • 1 entry - Share this giveaway AND my sale on Etsy with direct links on Facebook, then leave a comment below
  • 2 entries - Add my giveaway to your blog roll and let me know where it is
  • 3 entries - Blog about this giveaway AND my sale on Etsy with direct links to the pages, then leave an additional comment with a direct link to your post so that I can view it
  • 4 entries - Purchase some Christmas gifts from my shop at 25% off - Use coupon code: CHRIST25
One post per entry and please include your name and email address, so I can contact you if you win. I will use to determine the winner.

The Prize
Four Fairy Blessing Ornaments 
Value: $40.00

These were the number one seller last year! The four of them are 2-3 inches in size (height or width).

There is only one more set after this they are extremely limited!
The design has changed for this year.

Made from Shrink Film...which is paper turned plastic. Then sealed with Diamond Glaze to protect the image. Finished off with a sweet lil' ribbon.

Jul 5, 2011

Giveaway Winner

And the winner is...
*** timrachel ***

The giveaway was a lot of fun! I truly enjoyed seeing the involvement, reading the blogs, and the tweets. Thank you everyone for your support and participation! I have been deeply motivated to do this often throughout the year.

And in the spirit of Christmas in July (coming to the etsy shop July 14-24th), I will be holding another giveaway soon! I will give more details coming up on Facebook, my Etsy shop, and through my Newsletter.

Enjoy the rest of your day! :)

Jun 27, 2011

July Giveaway

Don't want anyone to miss out!
In one week I will be giving away an original watercolor painting!!

Painting Stats:
Title: Button
Image Size: 2.5 x 5.5 Inches
Paper Size: 4 x 6 inches
Value: $40.00

Painted on the finest Arches 140lbs. Hot Press watercolor paper using professional watercolors that will last lifetimes. Title, signature, and year created will also be on the paper below the painting in white space provided. My signature "SMB" is within the painting, as always in the lower right hand corner. Signature watermark will not appear on original painting.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit my Etsy Shop and find your favorite listing. Then visit my blog on Warrior Princess' Dream and comment what it was (required).

ADDITIONAL CHANCES TO WIN: Must do the MANDATORY entry before these, otherwise they don't count.

  • 1 entry - Heart my etsy shop then post so below
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  • 4 entries - Purchase something from my shop at 
One post per entry and please include your name and email address, so I can contact you if you win. I will use to determine the winner.

Jun 9, 2011

Love of Food

Food is my hobby. The back story.

I always envied those who had hobbies because I didn't think I had one. When I had free time, I sketched and watched movies. I considered my art to be my hobby, so that is what I always said when asked.

I was a late bloomer in the cooking. My mom is an awesome cook, always very good at making due with what was in the fridge and being creative. My sister is an awesome baker! But in college something started to change.

Not having any money to buy a lot of food, I had to start getting creative. It started with mixing mashed potatoes and candied carrots in a bowl as a meal. Then noodles with salad dressing. (keep in mind folks, we're talking less than $10 a week on food here!). I had to be creative.

Now, 10 years later, I find a lot of joy in cooking and making the plate look purdy. I think presentation is key to the appetite, at least for me. And if it isn't full of color, then it isn't healthy nor appealing to eat! I treat my cooking like my paintings. Just ask Brian, if I don't get it right, oh man, I am NOT a happy camper...even if it tastes okay. Bless his heart, he eats everything I make and says "mmm good".

Hamburger Salad
adapted from pampered chef's recipe

1 lbs lean ground turkey
1 tbsp reduced sodium soy sauce
1 tbsp honey
1 c. ketchup
1 tbsp mustard
1 c. chopped tomatoes 
1 tbsp dry minced onion
1 tbsp flour
cut romaine lettuce 
shaved colby jack cheese  
1 large carrot, sliced
Chow Mien noodles
-items in bold mean you determine the amount. you generally want just a bit more lettuce than meat on each plate.

Ground turkey meat. Once browned add first six ingredients. Stir in well. Lightly add flour little by little to thicken up meat mixture. Next lay lettuce and carrots, mixed, onto center of plate(s). Add meat, dividing among the plates evenly. Lastly sprinkle cheese and then chow mien noodles on top. Voila! Yum yum yum!

Now to mix the two.

Some day I would love to make a cook book with my artwork in it. That's a dream. But for now I am following the path of a friend and bringing my art and cooking together as "in between" artworks.

This means, when I'm uninspired or transitioning from one painting to another, I will create a wee painting using my scrap watercolor paper. These fairies will be sitting on mushrooms (mostly) and other foods.

The goal is to keep them under 3-4 hours, small, and simple.

The friend I'm following? Natalie over at Meadow to Grove. She's painting veggies called "Roots of Perseverance".

I don't have a cool name for mine, but I think she's on to something special. :) Let me know if you choose to do something similar. Maybe we can all follow Natalie's lead in persevering when we're blocked artistically.