Dec 27, 2009

Promo Sketch

To start the new year off Candace and I are sending out promo postcards at the end of January. Here is the initial sketch I have for it. Our theme is Valentine's Day.

Below is the sketch with added trees. Not sure if they work or not. Any feedback is welcome. I'm trying to bring in different ethnics and ages plus some play with perspective. Thanks!

Dec 16, 2009

IF - Hatch

"Hatchlings of Loving Thoughts"
graphite pencil | 2009

For the past two weeks, hum, maybe longer than that, I have been in a very creative state of mind. Not only am I working on Christmas gifts, which are usually always handcrafted, but thinking about next year, 2010. Candace Camling and I got together a couple of times and discussed 2010, what we need to do, and encouraged each other. I was very excited when she approached me about teaming up and holding each other accountable for getting things done. So we talked about promotional mailings, networking, marketing, and all the other pizazz that goes with childrens book industry.

Our first mailing is in January, which doesn't give a whole lot of time to creating a piece for the postcard. I started this concept above for IF's word this week "hatch". I was able to incorporate the theme we want our mailing to have (valentine's day), so at least the concept work is near finished.

I have included my sketchbook ideas below, because as you may or may not know, hatch also means to create, or to make ideas. :)

Dec 14, 2009

MAJOR Holiday Sale

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Dec 11, 2009


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Dec 10, 2009

Mermaid Cove

Added a few more products in my Zazzle shop for the Mermaid Cove collection. :) Enjoy...I'm off to working on Christmas gifts for the rest of the day!

Lusinga Mermaid Button button
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Dec 7, 2009

How many days?!

Wow, Christmas is coming up fast, and we got at least three inches of snow last night!!! Whoo, it's official! I love the first true winter snow (we had some in October but it of course didn't stick). I guess we're supposed to have blizzard conditions Tuesday night and Wednesday. What am I doing?

Well I'm continuing to make zazzle products. It's still not too late to order items for your gift giving. And you can always order from my Etsy shop till the week before Christmas. I am always happy to ship priority mail. But aside from that, as usual, I wait until the last few weeks before I start creating my gifts for family. I'm not sure if I'll actually get them done in time, so here's hopin'! Mornings online, afternoons at the drawing board. It's all good, got the snow and got the Christmas tunes. :)

What are you doing up to Christmas day?

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Dec 4, 2009

Mug of the Month

I was so excited about the calendar I got another idea! Taking the imagery from the calendar I created mugs for each month. Great of birthdays or gifts to those who's birthday lands in that month. It could also symbolize an important month too! What's even more awesome is Zazzle is having a sale on their mugs TODAY!


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Pretty cool huh! Also you may choose the kind of mug, colors, and size! So the prices range. There are 34 styles to choose from. Go ahead, have fun this morning with your coffee, or this afternoon with your lunch. :) I know I've been having fun!

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Dec 3, 2009

2010 Calendar

You know what I mean when I say there are somethings you just gotta do on your own. I have been in licensing for a few years now, and have yet to find someone who deems my work suitable enough for calendars. Take no offense, this is ranting and raving and I mean no hard feelings personally. So, I took matters into my own hands.

I'm not minding Zazzle too much, I'm finding a lot of great opportunities and have even made sales! Thank you! And why I chose to make my calendar through them is because they gave me options! I could do anything with this calendar. Choosing the font or look for the numbers, the title, the binding, the binding's color, and so on! I ordered my copy last night, quite curious to see how it looks printed and in my hands.

I titled my calendar Fairies of a Season and I believe I'm going to keep that title for each year. The reasoning behind it is my work changes. My techniques change, my favorite colors change, how I draw faces these calendars are mini collections of what my work was like then. So in 2010 my work will have no inked lines and more narrative. Before 2010 (which is featured in this calendar) my work was inked, the color was very rich, and the focus was on the fairy, not necessarily on the narrative/background. Make sense? So keeping the title each year will represent this is the collection of the year before work. Ugh, I feel exhausted, I'm sure you get the idea. :)

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Dec 2, 2009

IF - Engangled

{ Entanglement of Purr Love }
graphite & digital | 2009

Debating on painting this or not. Hum. And if I do, whether to keep it all blues or add in slight hints of pinks/reds. Think it would look nice in watercolor. :) But hey, at least I did IF!

Happy December :)

Gift of Hope

{ The Gift of Hope }
watercolor | 2009

Every piece of work has a journey within it, a story to share, and this one is not the exception to the rule. Asked to draw then paint Christ, a blessing all it's own, also brings a rawness one might find in a prayer walk or staring contest in a mirror. God revealed a lot to me through this process.

I was going through a very difficult time emotionally when I approached the drawing board. Frustrations with myself and what I do day to day, frustrations with God and what I have not been given, and lots of questions about where I should be or what I should be doing. I drew out thumbnails for the piece. I had already known what subject matter was to be included, but had many difficulties with composition. It took me all morning to draw just a few thumbnails. It took me all afternoon to erase the illustration completely from the tracing paper 5 times. 5 TIMES! I was beyond frustrated, mad, and tense! I knew I had to channel this energy, get it out of my system, so I put on some Linkin Park. That helped.

After my body calmed down and my mind wasn't racing I put on some Casting Crowns. Their title song "Lifesong" came up and from there Christ laid His hand on my shoulder and everything flooded out. I surrendered to Him, telling Him I was sorry for yelling at Him, and just took in His love. I cried and cried. The drawing after came beautifully. It was one of those times when you start drawing that you get lost in your line making, aggressive and speedy, yet when you get to the expressions of the piece you slow down and get into a trance of some sort perfecting each mark. Or maybe, that's just me.

Yesterday, as I finished this piece, I ran into similar frustrations. This time Brian was home so I didn't go insane like last time, but once again I lost my cool, went outside and walked, told God this was His piece (with a not so nice tone) and what did He want me to do about solving my scanner problem. Simply and quickly, He said move the piece from the corners (scanner language :P). And believe it not, He's always right.

Lord, thank you for always being here for me, loving me, and providing for me. Thank you for giving me renewed hope every single day and in every matter. Because of you I can rest knowing all will be right and good by your power. Thank you for your gift of grace, you validate my worth to you through your love and Holy Spirit. I pray you use this piece to bring hope to others this Christmas season Lord, and as we celebrate you.

Dec 1, 2009

Sale Extended

{ Hope magnet - $4.00 }
available on Etsy

I have extended the holiday sale till December 2nd! This kind of deal just needs to be more than one day. :) God bless!