Dec 28, 2010

Need Signature for New Year!?

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Get your images today for the new year!

You can purchase tubed images too!! These make great signatures and tags for bulletin boards, web forums, emails, and everything else you can think of.

So many of my images to choose from! Hurry, it's the end of the year!!!

Dec 27, 2010

Gift of Winter

"Gift of Winter"
watercolor & colored pencil - final painting of the year!

It's easy to be inspired with all of the snowflakes and cool brisk air. The warmth of hearts, of love and grace, is the biggest gift of the season.

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Dec 21, 2010

Winter's Princess - WIP

Repainting the seasons. It's been several years and I always enjoy the four seasons, living in Iowa I get a lot of inspiration.

This sketch is winter. I'm going larger, 10x14, and they all will be fairies this time around. Not standing, but flying or floating.

I'm looking forward to my new techniques involving colored pencil and the ability to now draw them without reference for the poses.

Dec 16, 2010

Angel Fish

"Angel Fish"
watercolor | colored pencil | liquid acrylic

"Within the depths of the ocean, even the ones furthest from the heavens, praise His name and rise to the light."

She is finished and just in time for Christmas! 

My shipping cut off date is tomorrow January 17th, so there's still time to order her as a gift! 

Dec 6, 2010

Ornament Giveaway!

I have been featured on Cinnamon*Sticks blog and you can enter to win four, FOUR of my Christmas ornaments.

Not only that, but you will receive one of Canela's own art, a piece of beautiful jewelry!! Totally worth the time to enter!

 *From her blog*
Now how can you win these lovely prizes?

You will receive one entry per each of the following.
~Head over to Sara's shop and then come back and leave a comment sharing your favorite Illustration of hers ( if you can pick just one?!!!)
~become of follower of this blog Cinnamon*Sticks
~facebook about the giveaway with a link for others to find it
~Blog about the giveaway so others can get to know Sara~add my button to your blog
~Become a Fan of Cinnamon*Sticks on Facebook

Be sure to leave one comment per entry. Lots of chances to win!!
Winner will be announced tomorrow before day 6 starts!

I'm Painting Again!

 With much thought...not really. With the encouragement of others and a deep desiring need, I started a painting. Like, a big highly detailed painting. Something I haven't done since I think last Christmas?!

Haven't figured out the title yet, so right now she's just titled "Praise".

Here is the process and where I'm at right now...

More soon! :)