Feb 23, 2012

Week in Watercolor

Have you lost count of the week I'm in? I have. I missed last week, so this should be a great catch up.

Though I don't have much to say other than I repeated a lot of the same colors and finally got the eyes in. Now I see more soul in her.

Unusually the eyes are one of the first things I put in because they help me identify with the figure I'm painting, but this time it came last. Interesting.

Skin is finally finished now onto clothes and background. Got some more research to do and some more details to place, like the red rope and more accent items to help tell the story. 

Going with one of the prompts that were given to me on my facebook page, I sketched this out and ended up loving it! So last night without stopping I decided to go straight into redrawing it on my large watercolor block.

I am SO excited to have this going, and knowing I could have it done in one more sitting. What's different is she isn't a fairy, nor a mermaid, or even an angel. She is just a girl living in Ireland flying a kite.

I searched on the web for a story regarding a golden kite, and there was only one that I could find based in China about two villages. But there are also the Golden Kite awards for SCBWI.org writers & illustrators.

Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner so I am so looking forward to using tons of greens and yellows for this piece.

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Feb 9, 2012

Life's Sketches

Not only am I working in the Little Red Book (about once a week), but I've also found complete solace in creating these more refined sketches. Beyond anything my true love lies in drawing.

I'm trying to create work that reflects me, even if it's commissioned work or something for licensing. If I'm not connected to it somehow it lacks heart and thus very little connection with others. In watching my sales on Etsy, the pieces that sell the most are the ones my heart truly connected with.

This piece was first an exercise to draw from observation, but after I drew her eye I connected with her and the emotion she's feeling. I really began to pour out my desires into her as I drew, thinking about everything I'm learning patience for. 

The box was added at the very end problem solving how to express to others what she was feeling. I personally am patiently waiting for the next big chapter in my life...a larger family. "As I wait you make me stronger." I look forward to this painting being a more explorative piece in the watercolor stage.

"Life Song"
I wanted to draw another piece similar to "Cardinal Song" but bigger, so the other day I just began sketching with "Cardinal Song" by my side.

Well, like "Waiting" my thoughts began to roam. I have been very focused on seeing my husband, Brian, and the health of our marriage. He really is the center of my world right next to God, and I have used him for reference but never a piece that truly looks like him and embodies him. I think it's finally time.

At first he wasn't going to have wings, but I'm SO glad I drew them in, I was taken back by how well they came out as I typically have a rough time getting them in with a balance. A testament that the more you draw the better you get. ;)

I can't wait to paint him!
(I'm thinking greens and blacks)

Week Three in Watercolor

Now that some ground work has been laid out it's finally time to start an actual project for the class. I have learned much in just a few weeks and it's time to get rid of fear and just jump.

All morning Tuesday I looked through many old vintage nude photos and I'm addicted. As bad as that sounds, they're gorgeous and full of great lighting. I look forward to creating from the images I found, and more. They truly inspire me. I searched mainly through DeviantArt.com.

My piece is taken from one of the photos, and like much of everything else, this project meshes with my desire to do stories from the Bible. I spend A LOT of time on Rahab, but I'm beginning to wonder if I over thought it. Who knows where its' going to go, but this could be it. Not as grand, but the emotion is there.

Sometimes I wonder if it's best to just create and plan little. Life is like this...you don't know what the next moment will bring you, so just be. :)

The challenge and advice that Melinda gave was to use a warm color palette for the skin instead of my traditional cool tones. This is to give me a more well rounded understanding of skin tones, and to become more comfortable using tones I may not adore but are definitely necessary....especially for Biblical figures!

What's even more great is I already had some magazine tear outs in my reference files for the warmer tones. National Geographic is a great source for reference. Always!

Feb 2, 2012

Week Two in Watercolor

There's some progress going on, and I'm a bit excited about it!

In class this week Melinda handed me a folder full of figurative artwork and told me to find 15 I love and 15 I hated....all based on color. Then I had to narrow it down to 5 love and 5 hate.

This was hard! Try it, I dare you. I'm attracted to almost all figurative art, so to look at a piece and determine whether I love or hate it based on color....ugh, let's just say it took time.

I returned to the room and we talked. She then took one from the hate pile (because I kept pointing to it and using it as an example) and told me that I was to draw it (no prob) then paint it in the color palette that I loved (found in the 5 loved pieces).

Before I go further I must say I had no idea how much I adored cooler skin tones. I always thought I liked the warmer, but when looking at the ones I loved they all had a lot of blues and purples. This is very helpful knowledge!

Back to the assignment. I did as she asked.

She also insisted that I use an odd ball color mixed in with the palette I chose. My odd ball was a mix between Quinacridone Rose (q.rose) and Phthalo Blue as my "red".

Red: Daniel Smith Quinacridone Rose mixed with Daniel Smith Phthalo Blue GS
Yellow: Winsor & Newton Aureolin
Blue: Winsor & Newton Indigo
Added Warm: Winsor & Newton Rose Doré

I'm pretty pleased, tho I know I could push my shadows more. That is my largest fear I think right now....shadows becoming mud. o.O

Missed Week 1? Here ya go: http://warriorprincessdream.blogspot.com/2012/01/week-one-in-watercolor.html

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