Sep 16, 2011

Tour the Studio

Show and Tell

I love peoples work spaces, especially artist studios. To see what makes them tick, their inspirations, how they organize (so that I can learn how to do a better job of it), etc.

About once or twice a year I'll reorganize and "situate" everything. Usually during the beginning of spring and of fall. Summer and winter are my busiest months so this makes sense. I have decided to get a bit more comfortable with the space since we probably won't be moving any time soon.

And to my fellow artist friends, I tried to get at least one of the pieces I've purchased up on my wall. You all inspire me so much, and I am deeply grateful for your companionship on this journey. :)

Shall we begin the tour? Okie doke.

My corner. What I see right when I walk into the studio. The adjacent corner is Brian's bookshelf and weights.

The drawing table. All crafting and art making happens here. Truly, I usually only have one piece out at a time, even if I'm working on more than one. I'm already pretty scatterbrained....having more than one piece out would demand too much.

Close up of my barrier against Talor jumping from the drawing horse, to this spot, just to get onto the drawing table. It also brings to my side some of my 3-D references for foreshortening/poses.

A new addition to the studio. My lil' "Cheerful Blessings" spot. It's to cheer me up and remind me of all the blessings in my life. Sunshine fairy compliments of James Browne.

View of my inspiration wall. I suggest this kind of wall to my students. Since I was a teen I have always covered my walls with artwork, photos, and small items. I take a lot of breaks where I just stare at the wall. Most often this will break any artist block or get me motivated to work.
 This is also where I process orders.

On the way out are all of my reference and manga books and storage for craft/art supplies I use very little.
That's it for now. If you have pictures of your studio I would LOVE to see them!! Post your link in a comment and I will for sure visit and see your space. :)

Sep 15, 2011

Midnight Warrior

She has stunned me.

"The quiet midnight warrior, without a sound, brings glory to her King ."  

It is rare for one of my paintings to stop me in my tracks and send shivers down my spine. But the more I gazed upon this wee painting, the more in awe I became.

One: it is rare for my paintings to appear looking at the viewer. "Lusinga", "Roseilee", and "Mourning" are the only ones....recently...that look at you. "Lusinga" and "Mourning" are some of my top sellers.

Two: The movement feels like a quiet moment, paused or in slow motion, as she passes by me while I'm on a night walk.

Three: Her wisdom and strength just presses upon my chest and makes me hold my a good way. The only thing I can compare that to is when I've seen a buck in our front yard during the winter. It's such a serene and heavenly moment that you want to last forever because of the majesty it represents.

Four: I see God in her eyes and in her breath. I'm astounded by that.

And Five: No colored pencil except for the drawing itself under the paint. I'm pretty proud of the richness I was able to create without relying on the colored pencil.

It's hard to believe she's only 4x6 inches, and the piece took me less than 48 hours. This is truly a piece by me from God. And I am in awe of his Majesty.

She is, of course, available on Etsy as a 6.5x10 inch print:

Sep 14, 2011

Halloween Progress Report

After about two hours of work. Hope to finish her tonight! ^_^

Asters for September

Asters for September
"Aster" - Flower of September
Yuppers, it's turnin' into autumn!

First thing's first...

The new Flower of the Month fairy for September is finished! It's been finished for a few weeks (sorry for my delay in posting). I have started November, she should be out by the end of September, if not the first week of October.

My Mama
My mother's birthday is in September, so any time I do a piece that has to do with Libra, September, Sapphire, or Autumn I tend to show features that resemble my mom.

She's a constant source of inspiration for me in the women I wish to show having courage and maturity. Plus, she has long gorgeous black hair. That inspires me EVERY time. :)

View the entire image and print listing on Etsy:

A Painting for Halloween

I don't normally paint for Halloween. It's been years since I even had the desire to. Now...that's not saying I don't like Halloween, but my work tends to be something that could be used year round. I like that. But I do so love a good mask, so I thought I'd paint one. :)

Here's the work in progress. She's pretty small; a 4x6 painting. Something quick but elegant. I have always wanted to throw a Masquerade Ball, hopefully someday I will. But until then, I must live through my paintings.

I hope to have her finished by the end of the week. If not, I'll go crazy! Not quite sure what to call her yet...

Have you ever been to a Masquerade Ball? If so, was it as much fun as they look? I want to know!