Nov 26, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

This season I am giving away 12 gifts to 12 winners for Christmas!
Winners will be announced here and on Facebook December 8th.

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The Prizes!
Keep checking back to see what prize the day brings.

1st  Day of Christmas:
A beautifully hand painted "Spring" resin figurine who measures approx. 6 inches high and hand signed on the bottom. 

On top of that, there's an 8x10 inch art print she was base upon included!

Value $35

WINNER: Debbie Grothe

2nd  Day of Christmas:
Custom designed iPhone case with image of choice. I've had Midnight Warrior on mine for months now and it has survived like no other. I constantly drop my phone and this case hasn't even chipped! 

Printed and delivered from

Value $20


3rd  Day of Christmas:
MAGNETS! Whoo! I don't know about you, but in my family the fridge IS the family album! I also have magnets from artists I admire and gain inspiration from on mine. These are huge measuring 3 inches in diameter.

Printed and delivered from Zazzle

Value $8

WINNER: Jenny Faith Mansell

4th  Day of Christmas:
Limited Edition art print of "Red", number 10/150. Double matted in a leather tan with an accenting silver. All set and ready to be framed in an 11x14 frame. She's printed on Ilford Pearl archival paper with some of the best inks on the market. 

Printed in my studio so you can be sure she matches the original.

Value $50

WINNER: Patty O'Brien

5th  Day of Christmas:
Bicycle Playing Cards featuring the art "Quiet Time", my number one best seller! These feel just like your good ol' poker cards, and the color is beautiful! Tempting to keep these for myself I like them so much.

Printed and delivered from Zazzle

Value $20

WINNER: Natalia Brodofsky

6th  Day of Christmas:
An original drawing measuring 5.5 x 7.5 inches. Created using indigo prismacolor pencil (my favorite sketching pencil), prismacolored pencil colors, graphite, and white gel pen. She's a princess of the forest, and is inviting you to share in her love for the world.

Sprayed with a fixative to preserve and prevent the the graphite from smudging. She is drawn on a lovely earth toned cardstock.

Value $80

WINNER: Kimberlee Patton 

7th  Day of Christmas:
One sheet of United States Postal Service approved stamps featuring the painting "A Winter Blessing". There are 20 stamps all together. A great holiday or seasonal stamp for anytime during the winter months! 

Printed and delivered from Zazzle

Value $20

WINNER: Sindy Murray

8th  Day of Christmas:
"Beauty comes from Within" 8oz ceramic mug featuring the art of "Spring". I'm sure she looks familiar! I designed this mug in the studio. Her colors are right and vibrant. Who needs some hot cocoa?

Printed and delivered from Pacific Trading Company

Value $12

WINNER: Heather Wone

9th  Day of Christmas:
An amazing coffee table book featuring 16 talented fantasy artists, including me. Get an inside look at these artists and why they paint what they paint. Great mini biographies and tons of art! A stunning book for any lover of fantasy art.

Some artists included are: Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jody Bergsma, Kinuko Y. Craft, Linda Ravenscroft, Josephine Wall, Sheila Wolk, and many others.

Published by LightStream Publishing, LLC.

Value $30

WINNER: Hanneke Cole

10th Day of Christmas:
A goodie package filled with fairies! All of these items were created by me in the studio. No outside manufacturers. What you'll receive is:
5x7 print of "Blues of Winter"
5 pack of 4x6 Twilight Fairy postcards
"Shiitake" bookmark
Ornament of "Hope"
Pack of 45 stickers featuring "Lady of the Forest", "Midnight Warrior", "Into the Word", "Twilight Lilies", and "Perched at Dawn".

Value $50

WINNER: Mis Vadovsky

11th Day of Christmas:
A goodie package filled with mermaids this time. 
What you'll receive is:
5x7 print of "My Treasure"
5 pack of 4x6 mermaid postcards
"Red" bookmark
Pill box tin featuring "The Talisman"
Pack of 45 stickers featuring "Quiet Time", "Lusigna", "Roseilee", "Rest on the Horizon", and "The Talisman".

Value $50

WINNER: Constanza Ehrenhaus

12th Day of Christmas:
Original watercolor painting "Sienna" measuring 4x6 inches, matted and ready for an 8x10 frame.

Painted with the finest watercolors on hot press Arches watercolor paper. 

She's a warrior of the seas, searching for the magical treasures hidden within.

Value $160

WINNER: Audrey McGee Griffis

Nov 15, 2012


Colored pencil in sketchbook
"God shows us our poverty of spirit when we try, in our own strength, to walk in a way pleasing to God...and yet continually fail. This is the testimony the Apostle Paul gives of his own experience in Romans 7. Humility came only when the once-proud Pharisee fell on his face and cried out, "Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of his death?" (Rom. 7:24)

Kay Arthur, Lord, Only You Can Change Me

Nov 1, 2012

Starting Where I Left Off

Self Portrait - Pen - Journal 2012
I can almost remember every detail of moving my social life from Lost Souls Cafe a small place for teens in a quiet neighborhood, to Java Joe's, an urban downtown cafe. Lost Souls Cafe was forced to close because of it's least that's how we saw it and believed.

Java's presented something entirely different, it was full of young adults...either in college life or searching for "the" life. I was pretty vulnerable at this time. It was different than a bunch of kids trying to discover themselves. I think this is when my identity development halted. It's now been fifteen years.

I'm now, today, presented with this question of who I am. I'm not sure actually. I can't hold friendships because I abuse relationships, and I can't keep a hold of my own thoughts and emotions which just blurt out whenever. I adjust who I am and mold myself according to my surroundings and circumstances. Believe me, you run out of coping mechanisms living this way. Thankfully, I've been woken up from this sleepwalking!

So I'm starting where I left off...a coffee shop...I repeat...15 years later. But I hope I'm sitting here with some more wisdom, and even more so, hopefully with Jesus now at my side. I'm at Smokey Row, a very alive, vivid, and wonderful atmosphere of a coffee shop. It's not downtown or tucked away from the rest of the world. It's at an intersection near the freeway. A very open, airy place. I'm exposed...this is good.

Self Portrait - Colored Pencil & Ink - Journal 2012
These aren't the same people from 15 years ago, the age range is very large...more 30 somethings and older than college aged. I'm encouraged and feel as though, in some way, I can remain me. And when the college young adults do sit next to me, I relax in knowing I am the adult.

What are my expectations from starting where I left off? I'm not entirely sure. I'm not sure of anything other than I must change my patterns, behaviors, and out look on life. If I don't I will be dead and empty, because I truly believe I was created for relationships. Without them...what else is there?

I'm writing and sharing this because I believe it's important to show that you are not alone. As an artist I live very much in my own world, wrapped up in lies I've come to believe about myself and those around me. I believe it's important to take responsibility for it, but to also reach out and share it. I've never done well to hold my tongue, perhaps I'll learn it, but until then, there's healing in sharing.

To show my art off and sell it is one thing, but to define it as I it grows with share the artist behind the art and why it's created, well....I don't know about you, but I'm hooked already.

Sep 27, 2012

What's Most Important

I ask myself this question quite a bit, especially lately.

Let me say this...for me who gets stressed out so easily with all of the things to do in one day (I'm certain there are those who can relate), I have to make a mental priority list.

My blog, as you can tell, is pretty low on that list. It's been nearly two months since I've touched it. A lot of stuff happens in two months, including some mental -- delayed -- spring cleaning.

In any given day I have about 4 hours to spend on my business, that includes website, blog, facebook, etc. I can do some through my phone, but blogging with my thumbs is not very appealing. Must be my age. To prevent myself from overheating, it must stay in the schedule as it is, and I find peace in

What is most important? My husband or a painting? My physical health or a chit chat on facebook? My spiritual awareness or a blog post (tho I do like to bring the two together). I fear that it is far too easy for us to get wrapped up in what we feel is an "obligation" when really we place that upon ourselves. We can say "No" ya know, seriously. We're not trained to do that, but the freedom is there.

I have begun to say "No" to areas of my life and say "Yes" to other areas that I never really said "Yes" to before. Like spending an entire Sunday prepping food and planning the week's menu instead of painting. But wow! It not only helps me in the week ahead, but I really do love cooking! I spend most of my time -- in life -- in the studio, at the art center teaching, or in my kitchen. Hands down. My waist thanks me too! ;)

See, my point is as an artist I always thought that I had to live in some kind of dark corner, hiding from the world, being the opposite of the rest of the world (in my own way I am still), and work work work work work till my hands bleed just to make it some where in this world as an artist.

What a shame I believed that. This is why...

I am now living my life! I am awake to the colors around me that are the pigments of every day moments. There is more to it than just studio work and weighing yourself so far down to the ground with rules, obligations, and stress that you aren't enjoying the work. This was me, it might not be like this for you, but I have done this for almost 30 years!

This isn't saying work is bad and day dreaming is good. I'm saying that a balance has been found in the business I have developed, not allowing it to rule me but I rule it.

Brian and I are working hard because we have a goal to buy a house soon. I'm very excited, and stressed out over it all. But in the day to day I am trying SO hard to remind myself to stop and relax. God has a great plan, a beautiful and loving one, and I must trust in that and Him with all of the facets of my life, including my art.

My blog has suffered, and it will continue to lack in posts every single week until it fits into my schedule. I must share this, because if I don't I will feel like I had an obligation and then in turn let you down. :)

I am on a journey, a peek into it here today. Let's see where it goes...

PS: Yes the blog look changed again, I like changing it, it's fun. 

Aug 2, 2012


Ever since opening up the shop Dreamy Doodles my business side of life has been non stop freeway action.

Although I don't see the rewards in the work yet, I know the wheels are moving and I'm heading towards a horizon line filled with hopes and possibilities.

WIP for licensing fine art "Harvest"
Unfortunately when you give more to something, another has to sacrifice. For me, it's the blog and house chores. :P I hate washing dishes. I really do.

The best place to find any updates on me nowadays is on Facebook because of it's convenience. Or you can email me a shout out of HELLO and I'll most likely respond because you cared to.

My time has been used gathering an agent, producing work for licensing, custom portraiture for amazing customers from Dreamy Doodles, and still making time to paint fantasy. This is the biggest adjustment thus fantasy art.

Although you see fantasy many places in the merchandising market, it is sad to say with this economy it's a gamble for these companies to sign on too much fantasy.

Surprisingly, I was okay with this. I love my doodles and more graphic work. But this means I need to build up that portfolio.

"Cardinal Fairy" WIP personal series

My fantasy art has become, more or less, my personal art. Granted, it is still being used by many licensors and will be given to my agent nonetheless. :) Not giving up that quickly.

It's time to roll up my sleeves and work my toosh off, committing myself as an artist to a profession. Licensing / Commission art is it for me, and it's a BIG mountain.

As a disciple I am called to sacrifice, and I haven't. My time is precious to me...and for what reason but to sit and stare?! Filling my life with work is a change that I struggle with but find so rewarding! This is a good sacrifice. :)

God's got a plan, and although right now I'm frustrated with where it's at, tired of being patient, and looking for some kind of relief in the load called "life", I will clench my nails into the ground and stay here, trusting in Him.

May 21, 2012

Being Featured

It's always fun to do an interview,
knowing how much I enjoy reading about others. To gain a bit of insight of who they are really helps me better understand their work.

Today an interview was posted about my work and a little about me.
If you read my blog regularly, I can't guarantee you'll learn anything new, but you can still celebrate with me.

For the next three days you can get BOGO over at the Etsy shop.  Buy one get one free (*equal or lesser value).

Remember - you must tell me what you want your free item to be in the "Note" section upon checkout.

I had a great time filling in the answers and she did a great job. While you're there, be sure to read about other Etsy artists and their work!

Crazy busy month, yes, and only two more weeks of it! Soakin' it in. :)

May 10, 2012

The Tangerine Process

I don't know about you, but the month of May has to be one of the busiest months of the year next to December. SO many wonderful birthdays, graduation, and other family/friend get togethers.

I am very blessed but feel weighed down when I have to stop and think of all that still must be done. Again, blessed, because I have a focus and direction....and now....I true desire and passion for one of my, I believe, greatest pieces to date.

It all started with a beautiful sketch, which evolved from frustration and many sketches. Beauty truly blooms from trial.

I was looking and looking for the right face, and without much reference the Lord gave me this. Wow. I am so in love with her grace and movement! Now the scary part....moving her from an 11x14 drawing to a 20x28 piece of watercolor paper.

On a stormy night when my husband was out of town, she emerged in indigo.

I go in and add more pencil. I love making lines pop and giving strong definition to drawings. My first love will always be drawing.

With trembling hands and lots of deep breaths, I began paint. Tried to keep it simple and light, even though I was anxious to bring her to life.

Starting to punch out the colors and define the space within the background. My goal was to get the background up and the eyes finished as soon as possible. These help keep me focused once they're in place.

Background and eyes finished. Beginning on the hair. I had to change my studio set up, standing and bending over wasn't working (getting old!). 

Where I am today. 

And this is what I look like while painting. :P I typically paint mostly at night, and I am always in my pjs, no make up, hair...could care less.

My goal is to have her finished in time for the Iowa State Fair. Regardless of what happens in that aspect, I have fallen in love with painting this large. It's challenging, but for all of the right reasons. I don't know if this is a one time event, but I will definitely try more!

BTW - she's on arches cold press (you know I only work on hot press), and I'm using indigo as my shadow hue since it worked so well in the sketch. I adore it for the mermaid...and so glad I discovered it.

Apr 5, 2012

Pantone Colors in Watercolor

Here is the list of Pantone colors along with the watercolors I used to re-create it. 

The first color listed is the one used most, then those that follow are lesser in ratio. Hope that makes sense. The best way is to use these colors and mix until you've gotten the color you're going for.

I literally cut out the Pantones and tried to copy them.
Also these aren't EXACT replicas. They are close enough for me.

  • Tangerine Tango (color of the year) - Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone Rose
  • Cabaret - Quinacridone Rose, Cadmium Red, Cobalt Blue
  • Starfish - Raw Umber, Cobalt Blue
  • Bellflower - Indigo Blue, Quinacridone Rose, Alizarin Crimson
  • Driftwood - Winsor Green, Perylene Maroon
  • Sodalite Blue - Indigo, Neutral Tint
  • Sweet Lilac - Quinacridone Rose, Cadmium Red, Davy's Gray 
  • Solar Power - Quinacridone Gold, Winsor Yellow, Quinacridone Rose
  • Cockatoo - Phthalo Blue, Winsor Green, Quinacridone Rose
  • Margarita - Winsor Green, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ochre

  • Tangerine Tango - Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone Rose
  • Pink FalmbĂ© - Perylene Maroon, Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Red
  • French Roast - Perylene Maroon, Phthalo Blue, Aureolin Yellow
  • Rhapsody - Mauve, Cadmium Red, Cobalt Blue, Aureolin Yellow
  • Titanium - Ivory Black, Cobalt Blue, Quinacridone Rose
  • Olympian Blue - Indigo Blue, Cobalt Blue, Quinacridone Rose
  • Rose Smoke - Perylene Maroon, Raw Umber
  • Honey Gold - Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna
  • Bright Chartreuse - Yellow Ochre, Winsor Green, Quinacridone Rose
  • Ultramarine Green - Indigo Blue, Winsor Green, Aureolin Yellow, Yellow Ochre

Finding the Colors

I have stumbled upon something this week which has made me wonder "Why haven't I done this before?!"

Pantone comes out with colors for the Spring and Fall every year in February (I think). This includes the color of the year and the colors most companies and fashion designers will use to advertise and create.

With my goal to sell my work to manufacturing companies and to license it out, it would only make sense that I too use these colors! Certainly an "Ah ha!" moment.

Fall colors on the left, Spring on the right

Researching and finding Pantone's color groups. I find this amazing and was totally worth the work. Why? Because now I have something to follow instead of thinking "Which would be the best combination of colors to use?" Brilliant!

Drew up this image on Sunday (?) thinking of Mother's Day and a request I received a while back. Placing the Pantone color schemes to work. Truly loved how my thoughts and problem solving was directed to other things, like painting skin, instead of what the colors where going to be.

Took it a step further and created the 10 Pantone colors for Spring/Summer and the 10 Pantone colors for Fall/Winter in watercolor. I googled this and didn't find anyone trying to re-create these colors.

Word of warning tho if you're going to copy these: probably not the most conventional way of doing it. Each set isn't made with one red, blue, and yellow like most palettes would. I just used what I had in my huge circle palette that would give me the color I was going for.

Find the list of colors used HERE.

I also started a project to paint at least one piece specifically for each holiday. I started with Halloween. To be honest, it was hard to get some ideas that were unique to my style and way of working, and not to conform to what has already been done or is "trendy".

They feel a bit staged, but I think it'll be a lovely piece. This is drawn on the watercolor paper, so next stop, paint! Gotta now choose the color scheme from my beautiful list. ;) Totally working on this tomorrow with the girls at Natalie's!