Aug 26, 2006

Queen Kitty's Party

The other night A.T., our cat, was staying at my place (she travels from Sterling's place to mine) and ended up keeping me awake ALLLLLLLLLLLLL night, literally, I got like maybe 2 hours of sleep. I emptied an entire water bottle on her trying to keep her out of my room so that I could sleep. Once I got up, she of course, went to sleep. I was so peeved that I decided...since I didn't have anything new to place up onto Ebay for the week, that I would make fun of her in an ACEO.

Ha! That'll teach her. Heh, right.

So thats the story with this piece. Big and center of all attention, fat, drama queen, being served her food whenever she wants it, holding everyone's tails, and has free constant entertainment for her enjoyment. Yup, sounds like our cat A.T. ;)

Aug 17, 2006

Top Ten at

I got Top Ten placement as #4 at for the image "Jorah" today. Whoo Hoo! Go check out the other artists who got in as well!

Artist in Motion

WARNING: Loooooong post!
Recent piece done out of free time. Playing around with new techniques and process. I plan on doing yet another seasonal faery series, but this time with more of a christian feel and purpose. Jorah's name means Autumn Rose in Hebrew.

Heh, and I speak of free time. I have so much to do and yet I feel like I haven't done any of it and have just been sitting around. But alas here is what I have done.

Okay, so there is a lot coming for September, but not finished yet. New prices (mark downs) will be posted, especially for the ACEOs. Also I will soon be offering, yes, thats right.......*drumroll* 11 x 17 Limited Edition Prints! I'm debating whether or not to make the 8.5 x 11 LEs 11 x 17 too, but they are LE, so who knows. Might just have to wait till I make a lot more new work to make them LEs. ;) I know some people would love to see what has already been done into LEs. The 8.5 x 11 LEs are a run of 75 and the 11 x 17 LEs are a run of only 30. So I don't know. Still pondering on it.

Any ideas or comments to that?

Also on the Christian Gallery section of my site is being redone. The Christian fantasy art will be replaced in all galleries, but also in the Christian Gallery were you may view only the CFA (Christian Fantasy Art). Its a project, let me tell you, but a good one. :) I like the look and feel of it so much I might change how this blog looks to match just because its purdy. :D

And yeah, there's a lot of other things too, little things, that I can't remember. o.O

Okay, after finishing the Seasonal Faeries series, I received three commissions all at once. Trying to keep my head looking forward I decided NOT to submit a cover image for the Seasonal Faeries book coming out this winter. I really really really wanted to (this is where Jorah came from at first), but I just don't have the time. Most of my deadlines are at the end of this month or September...gotta get those done. Been busy there.

Then I keep getting new ideas and my head is just swarming with images. My hands are anxious to get started on something big, but then I remind myself I am working on something big...."Blue Eyes". Yes, that piece is still in the works. I try to work on it during the weekends.

I also ended up, I think, giving myself too many expectations. I really want to do Illustration Friday, and I have done quite a few, its just I never get around to posting them! :\ Let alone I don't post nearly enough here. Eeek! Hum..what else...just keeping up has been a struggle lately, all I wanna do is paint, and because of that I have been very forgetful. :( I'm sorry to all those who have been effected.

As most know, I am at the FAE forum, or in long scribe..the Fantasy Artists Emerging forum. You can most often than not find recent postings by me there. Everything from critique, wonderful comments, support, and just a place to rant, to product design, marketing, licensing, and advice. They also have a beautiful website where there are other fantasy artists' links, an Artist of the Month feature, and more! This place has it all for the emerging fantasy artist!! Its easy to find a comfortable seat at the FAE forum, there's something for everyone! Fantasy Artist Emerging Website

Another forum that I just became a member, that most do not know about, is the Fellowship of Aslan Forum.

For anyone who is a Christian Fantasy Artist, you know its hard to find a community that meets our needs and questions as Christians who work in questionable subject matter or themes according to many of our brothers and sisters. Or if not, its a place where we can all feel comfortable if we don't feel like other fantasy forums and artists who are pagan meet our needs in affirmations Christ filled. Or you just want to expand your fellowship as a Christian and as a Fantasy Artist. Any reason other places haven't met or felt right, come to Fellowship of Aslan. We talk about topics that I know cross your mind. Please visit and join! I have search and this is the only Christian Fantasy Artist forum I could find! One of a kind!
Fellowship of Aslan Forum

Personal Life
I have also been rethinking my personal life. In church our series this month is about making room for life. We were shown a schedule that the Hebrews used to live by. Their day, and according to God's word, starts at 6pm. So from 6pm to 10pm you have relationships. this is where you sit and have a meal together, talk, spend time updating with one another, and so forth. From 10pm to 6am you sleep. The all important 8 hours of sleep. Then from 6am to 6pm you have production or your work time.

Okay, so this sounded like a simple, yet effective plan that I felt a need to have. I have tried to follow it. Going to bed by 10pm is the hardest, and getting 8 hours of sleep even when I do go to bed at 10 is hard. A.T., our cat, always wakes me up before the 8 hour mark. -_- But as far as work and relationships, I think I have done pretty well. I have decided to not work on the weekends. I might work after 6pm, but rarely does it have anything to do with DFS or any other "work" that I do during the day. Its usually painting or making my own personal projects for me. :D I've started eating dinner earlier around 6pm, which is good, and I have been reserving that time to forum chat, talk to my friends on the phone, spend time with Sterling, play with A.T. and more. Lately I've felt like I've lost some connection to my close friends, like my sister and best friend Brittany, and needed to spend a little quality time with them both. Its not that you have to do it every day or every week, but doing more outside of girl's night (every other wednesday) with those to at least is something I feel a need to do. But I try to spend most of my free time with Sterling. :D

Rambling on...

I think I'm going to end the post for now. Time for a break and then back to work. Got ebay auction to do today, and since I'm at Ster's the website will have to wait on updating. I'll be sure to update everything else tho. :)