Aug 21, 2007

Nice Matters Award

How wonderful to receive an award by someone I don't even know. What a blessing! The Lord never fails at His giving, and He knows how much I love gifts. This truly is a gift! Thank you so much Kat...please visit her blog to discover the wonderful lady who selected me. :)

To pay it forward I now nominate five other people for this award in no particular order. Please visit all of them!

Jennifer Nilsson
- LiveJournal Blog Website A dear friend who is always there to support me, and give encouragement when I'm down. Jen, I look at that piece you gave me "Praise His name with dancing" every day and it is such a joy! Praise the Lord for giving you such a beautiful gift. :)

Holly Durr - Blog Website Through questionable times, through change, and through God Holly has always been an inspiration. Her work is beautiful and always growing! God bless you Holly!

Mély - Mélanie, I haven't known you very long but you never fail to comment, give feedback, and freely give encouragement. You are a genuine person!

Lexee - Myspace Page My lovely sister. She's not a big web presence but without my sister, her love, her support, her ear, her thoughts, her hugs, and everything else under the sun, I would be an emotional wreak! I'm the big sister but it always feels the other way around. Her soul is one of constant giving.

Sherri Baldy - Personal Website The Fairy Society Sherri Baldy deserves this award, not only for what she has done for me, but what she has done for SO many others! She has given her life to supporting, marketing, and announcing fantasy artists world wide. This woman is so full of strength and inspiration. Please visit her site and then visit her business that I am SO proud to be apart of...The Fairy Society.

Of course, there are many MANY people who deserve this award, but these five have, in the last month or two, walked and helped me through some really difficult times. Hugs to all of you!

Please copy and paste the award above (if you're listed above) and place it on your site/blog then nominate five more people you feel deserve this award.

Many Blessings!!!

Aug 20, 2007

IF - Captain

Captain the Third

4 x 6 watercolor

Wanting to do something fun but not knowing what, I saw my darling A.T. sitting in the window, as she does every morning, and thought "Yeah, that'll work." So here's A.T. posing and modeling for the infamous Captain the Third....

I think he's like her great grandfather or something. ;)

Original OSWOA on ebay now!

Aug 17, 2007

Picture of the Day

How wonderful is this! One of my dad's photographs from his Oregon trip is featured on one of the West coast's community radio station websites! Its a BEAUTIFUL photo! And I'm not just saying that because he's my father. :)

Check out the site which has a link to all of his gorgeous photos from the trip. Also, if you're looking for something to kill time with visit his site on YouTube...he's quite the presence there.

Way to go dad! Love ya! :D

Aug 15, 2007

Resin Figurines...finally!

Although I am still waiting for my samples in the mail (OMG I can't wait!!!!), I have finally placed the resin figurines up on my site to sell! It's so exciting to see these beauties come to life. To see the process from start to finish. Pacific Trading Giftware Company hand crafted and hand painted these and what was so wonderful about the process is they let me in on it every step of the way.

Of course, and I'm sure I'll hear it by someone at least once, these are not EXACT replicas of my paintings. Keep in mind they are a completely different art form. Granted, there are some things I would change or push harder for...but this was a learning experience and I can't argue that they took on six different designs! Thats a lot! Keep praying they make more. ;)

Whats even more exciting is "Our Angel" is almost 7 inches tall! Most of them fall between that and 6 inches. Some of them have some beautiful detailing, and I think for the series they tackled (the Seasons) they did an awesome job. I mean, how do you translate floating, glowing hearts into three dimensions. I can think of a few ways but when it comes to production it has to be sensible. I have asked if I could "add" to the figurines once I purchase them. So we'll see.

I'm currently taking pre orders from the site. So if you're interested please visit the Figurines page. I would list all of them here, but remember, there are six, I'm on dial up, and all of the images would take up a lot of room (since tiling images isn't a feature here). Please take the extra moment and visit here to see all of them or click on the design below to view them individually!

Here's a list of the designs available:
Crown of Creation
Our Angel

Pre orders will be sent out on October 1st. Not exactly how long it will take for shipment so please allow up to four weeks if you're interested. :)

How thrilling no?!

Aug 5, 2007

Illustration Friday - The Missing Piece

The word for this week is "Missing". It really hit home for me because some one is missing from my life and adjusting, coping, and working through the emotions has been quite the challenge.

A bride who is dressed in red so in love and ready to be loved. Yet her crown has fallen apart and her heart has wondered away. Torn between what is right and what she feels.

As I drew this I also thought about how it would feel to be void of God. To loose the connection to Christ and the death that would follow. Her expression is the same in both aspects. Things fall apart, our heart cries out in pain, we become numb, and expressionless. Yet the greatest light in the darkness is Christ. He will not leave, will not go back on His love, and He speaks only the Truth. God has a plan and purpose for all things, and it is through our circumstances that we develop our character for God and for eternity.

So if you're in the same boat with crashing waves and storms as I am, lift up and praise Him who will not forsake you and gives His unfailing, ever massive, amount of love to you. And may He bless you today.