Dec 28, 2010

Need Signature for New Year!?

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You can purchase tubed images too!! These make great signatures and tags for bulletin boards, web forums, emails, and everything else you can think of.

So many of my images to choose from! Hurry, it's the end of the year!!!

Dec 27, 2010

Gift of Winter

"Gift of Winter"
watercolor & colored pencil - final painting of the year!

It's easy to be inspired with all of the snowflakes and cool brisk air. The warmth of hearts, of love and grace, is the biggest gift of the season.

Grab a Print on Etsy!

Dec 21, 2010

Winter's Princess - WIP

Repainting the seasons. It's been several years and I always enjoy the four seasons, living in Iowa I get a lot of inspiration.

This sketch is winter. I'm going larger, 10x14, and they all will be fairies this time around. Not standing, but flying or floating.

I'm looking forward to my new techniques involving colored pencil and the ability to now draw them without reference for the poses.

Dec 16, 2010

Angel Fish

"Angel Fish"
watercolor | colored pencil | liquid acrylic

"Within the depths of the ocean, even the ones furthest from the heavens, praise His name and rise to the light."

She is finished and just in time for Christmas! 

My shipping cut off date is tomorrow January 17th, so there's still time to order her as a gift! 

Dec 6, 2010

Ornament Giveaway!

I have been featured on Cinnamon*Sticks blog and you can enter to win four, FOUR of my Christmas ornaments.

Not only that, but you will receive one of Canela's own art, a piece of beautiful jewelry!! Totally worth the time to enter!

 *From her blog*
Now how can you win these lovely prizes?

You will receive one entry per each of the following.
~Head over to Sara's shop and then come back and leave a comment sharing your favorite Illustration of hers ( if you can pick just one?!!!)
~become of follower of this blog Cinnamon*Sticks
~facebook about the giveaway with a link for others to find it
~Blog about the giveaway so others can get to know Sara~add my button to your blog
~Become a Fan of Cinnamon*Sticks on Facebook

Be sure to leave one comment per entry. Lots of chances to win!!
Winner will be announced tomorrow before day 6 starts!

I'm Painting Again!

 With much thought...not really. With the encouragement of others and a deep desiring need, I started a painting. Like, a big highly detailed painting. Something I haven't done since I think last Christmas?!

Haven't figured out the title yet, so right now she's just titled "Praise".

Here is the process and where I'm at right now...

More soon! :)

Nov 29, 2010

Cyber Monday!

It has arrived! IT HAS ARRIVED! 

I don't know about you, but Cyber Monday is always fun. I shop mostly online, so it's exciting to see all of the sales! This year I am totally participating, and I even have an improved item to show for it.

The Fairy Blessings have received a make over!

And there's a new addition to the Fairy Blessing ornaments! 
Say hello to "Thankful Fairy Blessing".

The demand for these ornaments are high, so I have given them more color and shape. Hoping you like these as much as I do. :)

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So simple.

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Nov 26, 2010


25% off entire Etsy shop! 
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The biggest sale in my shop's history, and I'm looking forward to serving all of you this holiday season!

Fairies, mermaids, angels, and cute mice! Fairytale ladies, stickers, and ornaments! Art prints, postcard sets, and originals! All sitting and waiting for the perfect owner.

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Have a safe and joy filled holiday weekend!

Nov 15, 2010

C O O K I E S!

 Yes, not art related, but cooking is one of my hobbies. Even more so, cookies are really all I can bake besides biscuits, so this is big.

Ever since I got an electric beater I haven't been able to make my chocolate chip cookies (original toll house recipe) quite right. They always turn out fluffy and too soft. Although good, that isn't my fav.

MY cookies are supposed to come out crunchy around the edges and chewy in the middle.

This time I chose NOT to use the beater and do it all by hand. It was a great work out for my arms, plus, they finally turned out the way they were supposed to! Yay!!!

Nov 2, 2010


watercolor & colored pencil

The angel's wings were all she heard before she realized the warmth on her face. He said she was safe. He was her protector from the storm.


Oct 29, 2010

Yummy Pie!

"Yummy Pie!"
colored pencil & watercolor

Totally enjoyed using the colored pencil! Watercolor went over it just perfectly and I'm way excited to use this in all of my work. :)

For those curious, I use Verithin Prismacolor pencils.

Changing a Painting Step

Working on an illustration for a possible book, and thought I'd change up how I apply the drawing.

Of course I start with a sketch from my sketchbook and scan it in.

Resize to what I need and up the levels in photoshop so that I can see my lines clearly.
Print it off, place under watercolor paper on light board.

The change is this, instead of using my graphite pencil...which I tend to be VERY neat with, I decided to use a colored pencil. I have come to love the texture of colored pencils so much, that I've even started to just sketch in them.

I don't know exactly how this will effect the painting process, or the paint in general, but hoping it gives a warm and soft undertone.

I guess we'll have to wait and see! :)

Oct 19, 2010

Signature Tags

A new package of images for signature tagging and tubing is available up on CILM


I am very interested in seeing what people have created!

So if you've created a sig tag using my images please comment and send me a link to the image. I would very much like to let others know of your creation and see what's out there!

Although I've been with CILM for awhile (with a gap of time in between) I have yet to see the work being used. :)

Oct 14, 2010

Studio Helper

It's always great to know that I have a friend to lean I mean to be an arm to lean on!
Talor beggin' for attention. It's an usual affair at the computer desk.

Many Blessings!

Oct 13, 2010

Which One?!

I'm looking into purchasing a new camera to take photos for the etsy shop...
but making a choice is frustrating. Reviews are almost annoying because you get the same reviews, good and bad, for every kind of camera.

Does anyone have experience or their own opinions about these cameras? 
I have it narrowed down to three and I would love to hear some feedback. :)

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FH1 Digital Camera with Basic Accessory Kit (Black)

12.1 Megapixels
5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens
2.7" LCD
High Speed Autofocus
Optical Image Stabilization
Intelligent Scene Detection
High Sensitivity (ISO 6400)
HD Video Recording
Advanced Face Detection

    Pentax Optio H90 Digital Camera with Basic Accessory Kit (Ceramic White

    12.1 Megapixels
    5x Optical Zoom
    2.7" LCD
    Stylish Design
    Advanced Face Detection
    Pixel Track Shake Reduction
    HD Video Recording

       Samsung SL605 Digital Point and Shoot Camera with Basic Accessory Kit (Black)
      12.2 Megapixels
      5x, 27-135mm Equivalent Wideangle Zoom
      Protected From Dust, Dirt and Sand
      Smart Night Mode for Great Low-Light Pix
      Image Stabilization Prevents Blurry Pix
      Smile Shot for Better Portraits
      Blink Detection
      Multiple Scene Modes for Best Exposure
      Apply Color Styles in Camera
      Print to PictBridge Printer w/o Computer

        Oct 8, 2010

        Angel Series Con't.

        "Noon" sketch

        "Dusk" sketch

        Just one more sketch and these girls are ready to be transferred and painted. :D So excited!!  

        Sep 29, 2010

        New Series

        A‧N‧G‧E‧L  #1

        photo reference from Tracie76Stock on deviantART

        Focus of the series is to create an angel for every time of the day. Angel must not be older than 15 years of age, is female (which I know I know, kinda against what I believe....girl angels don't exist, but these are children so I'm making an exception), and each has an animal that goes with that time.

        Now, this one is currently titled Twilight. But should her name be Midnight? Because that's the time of day she is, tho Twilight sounds cooler.

        So here's the poll (answer in comments):
        Should her name be...

        ☽Twilight or ❍Midnight?

        For those are the times of day and animals that are to come.
        Dawn w/ robins
        Noon w/squirrels and chipmunks 
        Dusk w/rabbit
        Midnight w/barn owl

        Sep 28, 2010

        New Mermaid

        watercolor & colored pencil

        Finished her a while back, but waited for a better scanner. I am pleased with the colors and textures, but made a note to myself not to use 90lbs watercolor paper if I'm going to do a lot of paint layers!

        Original size: 10x14

        Print available on Etsy

        The Rescuing Light (WIP)

        It's been a LONG month of September, but I am now finally at my drawing table...DRAWING!

        It feels like I haven't painted for months, so yesterday I decided only to focus on a vision I had for a painting. Strangely enough, it didn't turn out how I planned, but pleased with it.

        A verse came to mind as I drew this:

        "Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path." -Psalm 119:105

        The piece has more meaning than that, but I remember when I started my walk with Christ this verse stuck out so strongly. I believe it!

        There's quite a bit of symbolism in this piece, which I adore, and can't wait for you to find them all!

        My husband asked "Is this an angel or Jesus?".
         What do you think? I would love to hear from you!

        Sep 20, 2010

        Lady of Amethyst

        "Lady of Amethyst"
        colored pencil  |  2010

        As said last week, she's done and the original is up on etsy. 

        She is definitely one of my faves out of the collection. :)

        Sep 17, 2010

        Lady of Amethyst

        On to February! Amethyst, a favorite stone in my family, is turning out beautifully. She reminds me of "Lady of Sapphire". The movement and just how she was born onto the paper.

        I did an amethyst piece a few days ago, and I'm not going to show it. It looks like I did it in high school...looked just like my work back then. I find that pretty bizzare.

        NOTE: She WILL be done this weekend. I have had a few asking about be forewarned!
        She WILL be posted on Etsy next week!

        How can I do this kind of work, but then on any given day do a piece that looks like my skills reduced back down to 20 years ago?! I showed my husband and just gawked. I don't think I'll ever fully know.

        The cover to "Marigolds" is finished. I am extremely pleased with the turn out and the author plans on me creating the next two covers. Totally thrilled to do so! I had a blast painting this, tho the new technique takes more time.

        Sep 1, 2010

        Cover Art in Progress

        So I mentioned to those who are part of my mailing list that I am working on a cover illustration.  The book is being self published through Amazon.  The author and I are very excited!

        It's a large illustration that will be a wrap cover (left part on back, right part on front of book).

        I've applied a few application techniques taken from Stephanie Law's book when it came to the environment.  I always have a hard time explaining bushes and leaves in my paintings.  Her technique shined some light on ways I can problem solve it.

        My hope is to have it done this week, so I'll post the finished illustration once I'm done!  Can't wait!

        *NOTE: Brian and I went horseback riding for our one year anniversary, which has helped me place myself more in the elves' shoes. Pretty nifty.

        Aug 30, 2010

        Multi Purpose Charms

        If you were around last Christmas, then you know I was making and selling magnets. 

        The truth of the matter is, as much fun as they were I'm no pro at them.

        I have tons of materials left over from the fling, and now I'm putting that stuff to good use. 

        These are for those who do make jewelery, magnets, scrapbooking, and the like.  Stuff I'd like to do, but lack in the skill or time. 

        These are totally multi purpose...meaning you could use them for practically anything you like!  Have fun and be creative.  I'd love to see what you come up with. 

        I have quite a few, so take a gander!

        So here's to all of my fellow Etsians.  These are for you!  (if you're not on Etsy and you make these kinds of items, you should be.)

        Aug 27, 2010

        IF - Atmosphere

        "Lady of Blue Topaz"
        colored pencil

        I know, I'm late.  But, I got her done last night and was too tired to post.  Excuses, excuses.  :P  
        Listed on Etsy:
        Original 4x6 Colored Pencil Drawing

        Aug 13, 2010

        Lady of Citrine - Part 2

        "Lady of Citrine"
        colored pencil  |  2010

        It rarely happens, but I redid this piece.  Let me explain if you'll allow.

        This is my month, November.  It also happens to be one of my favorite months in here in Iowa it's usually beautiful!  Although I enjoy the previous piece I did for Citrine, I knew she could be stronger.  And after drawing "Lady of Sapphire" I was pushed by my ambition to draw her over.

        So here is the new, the improved, Lady of Citrine.  The previous one has been retitled to "Lady of Autumn"The original is still available on Etsy.

        Aug 12, 2010

        Lady of Sapphire

        "Lady of Sapphire"
        colored pencil  |  2010

        The month of September is up and I'm in love!  She has set the standard for the rest of the series...and I have a surprise to share at the end of the week!

        "The color of Sapphire, and the stone of September. She is a lady who sees beyond the horizon with clarity."

        Purchased more colored pencils so I had more colors.  I'm very excited about the new tones.  

        She is up as a print (sorry, original sold already) on my Etsy shop!  

        Next week... October - Purity!

        Aug 11, 2010

        Did You Know?!

        Did you know that Becky Kelly has a Blog where you can learn about the illustrator's life?  Did you know that she has a Zazzle shop?  Were you aware that she sells her work on Etsy?

        Do you know who Becky Kelly is?  I'm sure you do, your just not aware that you do.  Recently we exchanged paintings and I received this beautiful piece from her. 

        Famous for her work through Hallmark and Papyrus, her work is so light, airy, filled with joy, and reminds us of the innocence that lies within the children around us today. 

        If you're not familiar with who Becky Kelly is, I suggest you become familiar.  :)  Visit her website You can never have too much periwinkle sky and stars. 

        May her work and personality bring as much blessing to you as she has to me. 
        Be blessed.

        Aug 5, 2010

        Lady of Citrine

        "Lady of Citrine"
        colored pencil  | 2010

        It's what you've been waiting for!  Lady of Citrine (November birthstone) is now available for purchase on Etsy!  Grab the original now, it will be gone fast!

        WIP Update

        I just got my new book by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law titled "Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid worlds"!  My angels are in progress and I've always had the most difficult time with angel wings.  Her wing designs are stunning and I wanted to pick at her process.  

        Stephanie....THANK YOU for widening my eyes to your gorgeous work and for helping me so much with my angel wings. 

        "Joyous Grace"
        work in progress

        Jul 29, 2010

        Lady of Peridot

        "Lady of Peridot"
        colored pencil

        New series of images.  It's bugged me that I never finished all of the months years ago, so now I am!  But in colored pencil.

        Peridot is the August birthstone and she stands for Dignity.

        See the original on Etsy:

        I'm getting much more comfortable with colored pencil now...and I'm enjoying every moment of it!

        IF: Double

        "Joyous Grace"
        colored pencil on illustration board

        Painting soon to follow, just waiting for a new book that I'm hoping will help me find a more "graceful" way of drawing my angel wings.  ;)

        Till then!


        Jul 24, 2010

        Autumn Rain

        "Autumn Rain"
        watercolor & colored pencil

        It hasn't been too difficult to stay in the mood for this piece.  The rain just won't stop coming down here in Iowa.  Although, there aren't too many poppies out and about...pounding rain can destroy delicate flowers.  

        Yet with rain, unless you're fighting the flooding, it can be romantic, charming, and just down right beautiful.

        Painting available on Etsy: