May 9, 2015

Friday - In the Artist Studio

End of the week, and believe it or not, this is when things get real busy. Our weekends are usually socially full with friends, family, and yard work. So on Friday I try to get one more big push to paint or draw.

Everything else typically gets pushed to Monday. Because of our weekend schedules working on Saturday or Sunday nights becomes quite difficult, so it becomes easier to just not work and give my loved ones my attention.

It was mentioned on Twitter that I create a fairy delivering coffee. I couldn't let it go, being a big coffee person myself, and on a weekly basis wish there was a coffee delivery service here in Des Moines. At that, I just got started and let other projects go to the side. When you feel it, you must go with it. That's how you know it's from the heart. :)

It wasn't raining either, so Norah and I did some errands to Hobby Lobby, Target, then some weeding out back to get some vitamin D. Loved watching her play in the dirt (helping mom weed) and pick dandelions.

I worked on the coffee fairy during her morning nap (2.5 hours) and in the evening (2 hrs). Brian and I finished the night off with an episode of Dr. Who. ^_^

Have a great weekend!

May 7, 2015

Thursday - In the Artist Studio

As I grow older, and spend more time finding my true heart, my true spirit, and how to reign in all of the emotions I was gifted (yes, I believe they are a gift, not a curse), I have discovered how important it is to take time away from it all.

All of it. Shut off, close the door, sleep, and rest.

I fly so much, so often, that I always forget to stop and take a rest, and then the emotions take over and I have no control because I'm too tired. By taking a break, I regain my energy and my mental stability. It seems so simple, but so hard to do!

Every week it's a different day, but at least one day a week I give it up and just rest. It always looks different in how I rest too, but the important thing is to allow my mind a break from the "to do" list and the weight I place onto my shoulders in serving others, work, and realizing my responsibilities will still be met the next day.

Thursday, today, was my day. Last night was a deep, dark night within my heart, and when I was given the opportunity to have time alone from caring for Norah, and with hubby at work, I laid down and slept all afternoon, 3 hours! This time renewed my sore heart, gave my brain a break from all of the chatter, and my body time to heal.

As a creative soul, an introvert, a mom, a wife, a friend, and care taker of our home, I need to step away and rest. We all need this, and it is why I have been commanded to. Out of love for my soul I was told to take a day of rest.

It truly does amazing wonders when you allow yourself to be FREE from this world, and FREE to roam the heart and breath given to you. The day continues, life doesn't fall apart when we aren't attentive to EVERYTHING, ALL the time. I need that reminder, or this world will run me, instead of me running me as I walk this world.

May 6, 2015

Wednesday - In the Artist Studio

Made it to the middle of the week, and we're all still alive! Norah is getting some rest, and hubby stayed home, now sick too. Thankfully, I still haven't been hit with it, just a scratchy throat and runny nose..... allergies?

Wednesdays I try to make into web work days and painting if I can squeeze it in. I work on my Etsy shop if it needs attention, my personal website, and the Iowa Watercolor Society website...which I volunteer my time to do.

Today it was updating my Etsy shipping profiles to now allow calculated shipping costs. Yay! I really hate over charging people for shipping, and now I don't have to worry. Thank you Etsy.

I have also discovered today that I may need to invest in covered trash baskets.  >_<

May 5, 2015

Tuesday - A Week in the Artist Studio

Monday officially sets the week in motion, and by Tuesday, I feel like I can best determine what kind of week it's going to be. Granted, things unexpected always happen, but this week Norah has a cold, which means a lot of play and a lot of snuggles. I need to keep my to do list simple and not expect to get everything done.

If she has a cold, I'm not too far from one, so self care (napping when she naps, eating well, etc) is just as important for me too.

Today I'm excited because I get to paint three lovely ladies sipping tea. I was going to do coffee (since I'm a coffee fanatic), but I wouldn't have been able to draw the wee tea flags that I adore so much. ^_^

Tuesdays are a day for creating. I do my best to reserve this day for painting or drawing. Sometimes if I am able, I will paint or draw Monday night to gear me up for Tuesday. Somehow that works for me.

Last night I was able to put 4 hours in (!!!) and got some Christmas art finished, and today is the reward by painting something fresh and new!

May 4, 2015

Monday - A Week in the Artist Studio

I am always wondering how other artist moms, especially those with toddlers do it. This is my attempt to document what a week in my studio looks like on a day to day basis (thought I didn't have enough projects going).

I process all of my orders on Monday, it's my main goal. I set a few goals, but this is always #1. Our weekends are usually very full, so this is a recoup day for us, and orders are the easiest to do watching Norah.

Beware the land mines.  >_<

Did I mention we listen to Kidz Bop most of the time? Norah loves to boogey, and so does mom.