Oct 24, 2007

Bookmark the Season

It's that time of year were we are all thinking about Christmas and the New Year holiday. All that shopping, cooking, gathering, and planning! Ya know, although it feels hectic, I am so grateful to have all of it. There are so many, even here in little ol' Des Moines, that don't have these things or opportunities. Those of us that do, too often complain.

This season I want to give back, and I want to ask you to help me in giving back. Every bookmark I sell before December 25th will place $1 towards giving a homeless and hungry person some clothes, food, and shelter. Here in Des Moines we have a wonderful ministry called Hope Ministries. This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to visit their Bethel Mission, visit homeless camps, experience going without lunch (I got four saltine crackers), and sorting through brick n' brack at their thrift store. Six hours was enough to open my eyes as to how much I really have, no matter how hard it seems.

Will you help me? You purchase a bookmark, I'll give Hope Ministries $1. Please, I urge you to visit their site, read more about them, and then visit their donate page that lays out how much money helps how many people. I don't have a goal as to how much I want to raise, I'll leave that up to the grace of God. But if this is weighing on your heart, I pray you will talk with God about giving and how much you can give. If not through me, then to a mission or ministry in your city/town.


Each 2"x7" bookmark is printed to perfection and placed in a strong vinyl sleeve. Printed exactly the same as prints, they are smudge proof, fade proof, and water proof. Each one is hand decorated with a white ribbon or white soft thread, and labeled on the back with the title.

Shipped in a plastic sleeve with mat back board just to make sure it arrives to you as safe as possible.

Order two and you receive a free 5 x 7 print.

Oct 1, 2007

Wake up Dreamville

September has flown by, and I mean that literally. I have been flying in the clouds for sometime and its now the hour to come back down and wake up. Much of my business life (including my painting) has taken a pause for about two weeks so that I may stop and smell the roshttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifes. Now that, as well, is literal. Let me throw some words out...a yellow rose, coffee, dinner, hours of conversation, no night is boring, and a dozen roses. :) Oh and two birthdays one including a BIG party. Praise God for such blessings!

But alas things must get back on track and I am fighting very hard to get myself there. I have two new pieces, one a commission and one in response to whats happened in the last two weeks.

Rose Delight is available on ebay as an original watercolor OSWOA. Please visit the auction here!