Jul 24, 2010

Autumn Rain

"Autumn Rain"
watercolor & colored pencil

It hasn't been too difficult to stay in the mood for this piece.  The rain just won't stop coming down here in Iowa.  Although, there aren't too many poppies out and about...pounding rain can destroy delicate flowers.  

Yet with rain, unless you're fighting the flooding, it can be romantic, charming, and just down right beautiful.

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Candace Trew Camling said...

I love the way the poppies came out especially! Very translucent and true to life!

FairiesNest said...

This is lovely!

roberto M. said...

Sara, just one word: Perfect!

canngil said...

hope you are not close to that dam that broke! Just heard about it on the news a little while ago

Holly Durr Art said...

VeRy PrEtTy!!!

I seen on the news where a Dam broke in Des Moines. I hope you and your family are okay and safe!!!

sara.b said...

I don't believe it was here in Des Moines, I think it was East or South of here. Definitely not too close. We're fine, but I know those where the dam did break aren't. :(

Des Moines is holding out this year...so far. It's everywhere else around us that's getting some flooding. Nothing too out of the ordinary here. Feels like every year tho, we have flooding issues.