Jul 18, 2011

Into the Word

to find peace, one must listen.

This past weekend, the past couple of weeks, I have personally been in some transition. Not with where I live, or my jobs, nothing like that. But mentally.

To find peace and calm waters I need my God, I need Jesus, I need Love, I need to know that I have no reason for worry. Without these...believe it or not...I become a mad woman with a very sharp tongue.

This past weekend I was able to sit and talk with a very wise woman named Debbie who confirmed what has been simmering on my heart. I need to get to know who Christ was and is today.

He's the breath of my work, the reason I paint what I paint.

So I decided to listen to Matthew and John while painting. I didn't allow myself to do any other work (art related) other than this painting. It's a reminder that no matter how you choose to walk it, you need the Word. You need to Listen, and you need to Know. The result? PEACE.

Why share this with you? There are times where I find myself lost and pulled away from my painting. I run my etsy shop, work with licensors, etc. This piece was a must, and I'm so please with how she turned out because it conveys exactly what has been going on with me in the mist of daily life. The "moment" here is a "self portrait". 


Brian and I woke up this morning with no power. Yup, in 90 degree humid weather, our fans and air conditioners turned off. Power went out all along our street and it wouldn't be for another three hours, at the least, until all is turned on again. Wow. What luck! I get to practice praying and being in quiet. This is what I chose to do instead of complain or fret. I laid on the couch....calm heart beat keeps the body cooler...and just watched the trees thinking about Him.

With this choice my day, although not the best, was most definitely not the worst. It's hot, sticky, humid, and uncomfortable. But we are in the dining room right now, both working, together instead of in separate rooms as usual. What a blessing!

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Jenn Bower said...

Absolutely incredible post. I am so blessed that you shared and are not afraid to witness about the word and your work. Thank you!

Julie Alviar said...

I was really drawn to this painting when I saw your facebook post...and now that I've read your post I understand why. Although I am very private when it comes to my faith I understand needing to find that mental peace. For me it's my love of the fae that helps me when things seem so far gone. I've been looking at your art a lot these past few days. Your faeries have that calming serene effect that I have needed. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

Peeters Liliane said...

Beautiful work, love the collors that you choosed.

Debbie said...

Sara ~ I am so encouraged reading your blog! You have been on my mind a lot and in my prayers! I love that you listened to Matthew and John while you painted and I think the painting is just beautiful!!

Mirriam said...

This was a really uplifting post. You're right; and this beautiful painting well illustrates the point. I need to learn to find peace and stop... 'rushing.' I tend to shove God behind my 'to-do' list, which proves how backwards my priorities are. Thank you a dozen times!
~ Mirriam

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for being such an out loud woman- and artist- for Jesus :) It is very inspirational to me in my own walk with Jesus, and it's giving me an even greater desire to explore Him through my artwork. Thank you for being an amazing example!

Kim Vanlandingham said...

Great post! We all need to do this more. Thanks for sharing your walk. Great painting too!

Jordan said...

Ohmygosh- I can't believe how gorgeous this painting is!!! <3 It's so incredible it doesn't even look real!!! I'm in LOVE with it!

I hope you find you path soon :) Good luck <3 It's not easy- but it's worth it- right? ;)

Awwwww, man, that sucks :P I hope it's back on by now!! See- it's 90 degrees here too- but we don't use air conditioning, so that wouldn't be a problem... but without the fans!? That SUCKS! I'm so sorry for you!!!!!!!!!! Haha