Oct 12, 2006

Challenges in Commission

I've been accepting commissions for some time now but recently I was given one that gave me a new challenge. And I believe that challenges toward our skills make us stronger, wiser, and forced to learn something new in our work.

My good friend Liz Lynner is a nanny who has been watching over these two little ones for at least a year (I believe its more but I could be wrong). She's been featured in a local paper about her superhero skills in taking care of children, and I have, in the past, worked with her at a child day care were we taught in the same room (I was her assistant). Now, after time, this is where we are. She asked me to draw the two girls as angels for their mother, Sarah. Sarah's birthday is right around the corner and what a gift!

Below is the sketch so far. The reason I bring up challenges is because, yes, I used to do portraits A LOT, now...I'm a bit out of practice. Also, I'm going to be creating this portrait in watercolor....that is a bit scary and new to me. But at the same time I'm incredibly excited about it and hope that I can continue doing portraits with my beloved watercolors.

My question for you today is this...
"What challenges have you faced in either commission, freelance, or at school? How did you respond to it? How did it all turn out in the end? Did you learn something?"


Mirtika said...

I have no artistic talent whatsoever (I'd even screw up stick figures), but just wanted to say I've so enjoyed browsing your web site. What a talent you have!

I've even asked hubby if I could have some of your stuff (print, or, fingers crossed, an original, for Xmas.)

Just such a pleasure to browse Dreamflier. God bless,

Sara Burrier said...

Thank you Mirtika for your beautiful post! It brings me joy and Glory to God when I read what Dreamflier Studios brings to others.

Many Blessings,

Stacey said...

The main reason I don't do commissions is simply this: I'm a procrastinator. I just don't do well on a time table. I also tend to not do well if I feel my hands are tied with the subject. I'm hoping to get over all this, for I would love to actually do commissions in the near future.

Yours is looking lovely!:)