Mar 18, 2007

-Ebay Listing for week 3/18/07

Okay, hold it against me if I don't keep up with ebay listings from here on in. This girl's gotta get organized! :P
My auctions have received a revamp (as mentioned in a previous post) with a cleaner look, a bit more information, and a new be listed. The piece to your left is titled "Birth of Twilight" and here is what the auction offers for this image:

- Open Edition Print
- 5 x 7
- Sealed and protected, like all my prints, in a plastic sleeve with a back board.
- Flat rate shipping of $2.30 (this now includes all shipping/supplies and for international as well).
- Priority Shipping is still offered - $4.05 for US/Canada; $9.05 for international.
- Insurance is still offered upon checkout.
- Handling fee is still $1 no matter where you are!

- A beautiful detail is now included within the listing's description which allows for a full image of the piece to be placed for your viewing in searches.

Please visit the auction if nothing less than to view the new layout and larger images of the piece.

Or visit the pieces gallery page on my website Birth of Twilight.

So many new and wonderful things are happening and this is a pleasant one. Again, if you have any questions about my auctions please feel free to email me at

Many Blessings!

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