May 21, 2007

ebay 5/21/07

This week I have a fairly new piece out.

Size: 8x10 Open Edition Print
Starting Bid: 4.99 USD
Description: In the land of flower faeries there lays a royal line, a princess for each flower. Her kingdom spans wherever her flower grows. Hollyhock is brave in character for her grace is strong and her heart full of adventure.

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Thanks for looking!



Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, Sara! :)

Dawn Obrecht said...

*waves* Hiya sweetie!!

She's gorgeous!!! Good luck on the auction!!

I hope to finish my film tonight so I can turn it in tomorrow to develop. I will post piccies at FAE as soon as I can!!


Anonymous said...

I love those flowers...
They are my favourites flowers !

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
I do talk about you on my cooking blog !

A friend of mine invited me to post my screen saver, and it's on of your drawings, so... :)

Here's the link :

Kamila Stankiewicz said...

hmm, delicious piece!
I'm watching your works on deviantart, and defenetly I will watch them here too

Beth Hansen-Buth said...

She really is a beauty Sara!