Jul 24, 2007

A thought & ramble

My father is on a trip right now, alone, for 17 days. He's making several "travel" stops, while also visiting family and a few main events (conference, belly dancing superstars). And while traveling he's been sending us photos. Here is last night's sunset in Portland, OR. I just finished my morning study which was about suffering and restoring. When I look at this photo I first think of God's artistry. Man, what beauty! Secondly I think of His mercy and grace. Each new day is woken with His mercy renewed.

The month of June up to present has been major struggle and suffering of my heart. I have slipped back into old pits, given in to temptations (curiosity really does bite you in the butt sometimes!), and cried my heart out fearing I have lost! Yet His hand comes down the pit's roof and offers me a lift, reminds me of who I am, that I am loved, that this suffering and sadness will leave soon enough, and God has a plan. He has a plan for me.

I have been sitting in this chair for almost two weeks now working on my site. Heh, and after loading everything discovered I will have to load everything again. But alas, its moving. Once its "there" pray for me that I stay focused on His purpose for my life, and that my work, site, and business reflects Him and His love. :)


Holly Durr Art said...

Amen to that prayer Sara. Thats my prayer too. You know I've been going through a rough spell to. When you really start to getting closer to Jesus the devil will try to pull you down, but you gotta keep pressin' on for that greater reward. God will bless ya for it : )

Holly Durr Art said...

He-he. it's so funny, but I've redone my site too. Mine just didn't take as long. I redid mine in three days. I copy and pasted most of it. I ran into a lot of problems, but I got around it.

Sara Burrier said...

Holly, thanks for the encouragement. Sorry I haven't been around the aslan fellowship lately...so much stuff to do! Trying to simplify...and I'm not really a simple person. :/

Your site looks great and well put together. :) I hope it gives you more service! Can't wait for mine to be done...sheeeesh! Its hard doing everything alone, physically of course, in this business. :P

I hope that aside from work everything is smoothing out for you. Evil has been knocking on my head and all of my doors for sometime...unfortunately, we have to fight till we arrive home. Its just making it daily thats the trick. ;)