Aug 21, 2007

Nice Matters Award

How wonderful to receive an award by someone I don't even know. What a blessing! The Lord never fails at His giving, and He knows how much I love gifts. This truly is a gift! Thank you so much Kat...please visit her blog to discover the wonderful lady who selected me. :)

To pay it forward I now nominate five other people for this award in no particular order. Please visit all of them!

Jennifer Nilsson
- LiveJournal Blog Website A dear friend who is always there to support me, and give encouragement when I'm down. Jen, I look at that piece you gave me "Praise His name with dancing" every day and it is such a joy! Praise the Lord for giving you such a beautiful gift. :)

Holly Durr - Blog Website Through questionable times, through change, and through God Holly has always been an inspiration. Her work is beautiful and always growing! God bless you Holly!

Mély - Mélanie, I haven't known you very long but you never fail to comment, give feedback, and freely give encouragement. You are a genuine person!

Lexee - Myspace Page My lovely sister. She's not a big web presence but without my sister, her love, her support, her ear, her thoughts, her hugs, and everything else under the sun, I would be an emotional wreak! I'm the big sister but it always feels the other way around. Her soul is one of constant giving.

Sherri Baldy - Personal Website The Fairy Society Sherri Baldy deserves this award, not only for what she has done for me, but what she has done for SO many others! She has given her life to supporting, marketing, and announcing fantasy artists world wide. This woman is so full of strength and inspiration. Please visit her site and then visit her business that I am SO proud to be apart of...The Fairy Society.

Of course, there are many MANY people who deserve this award, but these five have, in the last month or two, walked and helped me through some really difficult times. Hugs to all of you!

Please copy and paste the award above (if you're listed above) and place it on your site/blog then nominate five more people you feel deserve this award.

Many Blessings!!!


Anonymous said...

Ho my...
You had to see my face when I read my name on your new post...
I was like :


I'm so touched and pleased...
Well, to be honest, you deserve MORE comments, encouragements, supports, ...
With the time passing, your talented art will be more and more known.

Take care !

Dawn Obrecht said...

How cool that you got that award!!!

And so very sweet of you to pass it on, but then again, it doesn't surprise me. ^^ That's just the way you are.


Holly Durr Art said...

Oh Sara (blushes) Thank You :D

You are such a blessing. You have helped me too, your such a great encouragement to me.
Many Blessings to you Sis : )

And Jenna, totally deserves this award. She is such a good friend and a blessing as well : )

Anonymous said...

I am amazed as always at the quality and passion of your artwork. If I was a millionaire I would bet that at least 10% of my monies would go to your art.

It looks like life has really turned you around. Things look on the up and up. Anyways, no harsh feelings or anything, just wanted to drop by and say hi.

Jenn said...

Dear Sara, YOU are such a blessing to ME! You have given your encouragement, been an inspiration and true friend and I am honored to have you as a sister in Christ.
(((love and hugs)))

BTW- my blog has moved to here now, lol.