Oct 1, 2007

Wake up Dreamville

September has flown by, and I mean that literally. I have been flying in the clouds for sometime and its now the hour to come back down and wake up. Much of my business life (including my painting) has taken a pause for about two weeks so that I may stop and smell the roshttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifes. Now that, as well, is literal. Let me throw some words out...a yellow rose, coffee, dinner, hours of conversation, no night is boring, and a dozen roses. :) Oh and two birthdays one including a BIG party. Praise God for such blessings!

But alas things must get back on track and I am fighting very hard to get myself there. I have two new pieces, one a commission and one in response to whats happened in the last two weeks.

Rose Delight is available on ebay as an original watercolor OSWOA. Please visit the auction here!


Dawn Obrecht said...

Rose Delight is wonderful!!!

I'm glad that you've had a wonderful month!!! I love to hear that you're happy!!

Did you get those photos?



Meredith said...

LOVE the rainbow painting!!!

Anonymous said...

You're human Sara... Not a robot :)
I'm glad that you are happy in your life during those 2 past weeks :)

If you'd like to take 1 extra or 2 extra weeks, no problem, just inform me :)

(I'm going to see your ebay auction !)

Sara Burrier said...


It hasn't kept me from getting commission work done. I have a deadline (four weeks from first pay remember), so it will be done by then. :) But thank you for your understanding. ((((hugs))))

Unknown said...

Nice paintings! Seduces little princess/girl in me...


Kelli B said...

the more i read your blog, the more amazed i am at your artistic skills!!! I think i could sit at the foot of your art table and watch in wonder for hours on end.

your art is awesome!!!