Mar 25, 2008

A Clearing

Hi everyone! I am indeed still alive. :P Wow, so much has happened, and unfortunately some things (like the blog and site) have been moved back a bit. But here's an idea as to what has happened:

- New relationship! These always take time, I mean, it's exciting and fun! Who doesn't want to spend time with a new best friend!? From now on we'll call him BB. ;) Can't give too much of my personal life out.

- Illustrating a children's book. Finally!!! Weee! But it's A LOT of work! Thirty two illustrations I had to make thumbnails (3-4 for each painting) for, then for each thumbnail two more final sketches, next a color study, and finally the illustration itself. So this is taking up a good chunk of my time as well.

- Commission work. It keeps flowing in and I'm very encouraged! Plus, the projects are inspiring and keep me interested. Here's the latest one...she took a while, but I'm very pleased with the outcome. Titled "Enticement" 5x7 watercolor.

- On top of that still teaching (of course BB and I went on a trip to Minneapolis last week...we both needed a vacation and got HUGE blessings from God instead. I think thats better. :D)

So what does all this do? Well it has slowed down:

- Updating my site and blog (duh)
- Getting stuff out to licensing companies
- Making a presence on several forum sites

Pretty much everything "computer" related has been pushed. Sooooooo hopefully by April I can get things back into least enough to where I get the site updated once a month. And it might come to that till August (when the children's book illustrations are all due).

Some notes of change

For now, I will not be auctioning off on Ebay. There are some issues with how it is ran, especially for sellers, that I do not agree with. I am currently in the search for a new auction site.

Pacific Trading Co. now sells tiles (and soon mugs) with my work. So check 'em out! I would also like to announce that they now have Selina Fenech figurines! They're gorgeous!!!!!! :D Visit their site at

I will be retiring as an artist on Heaven and Earth Designs in June. So if you're a cross stitcher and have a "wish list", please grab it before June.

There is SOOOOO much more, but those are the main important points. Although the site hasn't been updated in a while, everything still runs on it and I still ship out prints n' such. :) Thank you for all the emails and "wonderings" of where I've been.

God bless,


Meredith said...


Can't wait to see what you do for a children's book :D

Dawn Obrecht said...

YAY for commissions and the children's book illos!! I can't wait to see them!!

And I'm glad you have a new relationship!! You SO deserve it!!

So you're quitting HAED too? My contract ran out this month. I opted not to renew...

Suzy from Up Your Art said you were thinking about signing with her? If you have any questions about it, you can email me at

Love ya sweetie!! Hope to see you in May!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sara,
I am so happy for you...
All that good news make me smile : you deserve it so ! :)

What can I say ?
I only hope that it will continue.
I can't help to think of the ebay auction I had the chance to have (although I wasn't suppose so. Thanks again)...
I, too, should trust God for Love.
I thought... But... :(

Please, continue to draw & paint.
For you, for everyone.

Thanks a lot for all again.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Your work never ceases to amaze me! They're just always so beautiful and intricate, and I can definitely see God's hands in them.

But most importantly, I see His work in you, and I see Christ shining through you. Your passion for your faith and your devotion is very inspiring, and I pray others will see that and seek God because of it.

May He continue to bless you, your work, and your ministry. :)

Holly Durr Art said...

Hi Sara,

The new mermaid is very pretty. I'm so glad to hear things are doing much better for you. Good luck in your new business ventures and relationship : )