May 15, 2008


Last night, her first night here, went great! She has a favorite little mouse toy that she loves to play with, so we had a bit of time with that. Then she finally jumped onto the bed and went to a window sill. I have six window sills she could sit in and she didn't choose to really scope them out till late last night. She came and laid with me for a little bit but then went out into the livingroom.

I remember waking up and she meowed wanting attention. So I petted her for a little bit but then she went to playing. She played by herself all night long and didn't wake me (I woke myself up by wondering what she was doing). When I got up she wanted lovin', now she's resting in the window sills, going from one to the other.

We have absolutely beautiful sun this morning and so I pulled the camera out. She doesn't seem to mind the picture taking. I really hope her size comes through in these pictures somewhere. It's incredible at how small she really is! It would take three of her to make up one of my A.T.!



Kelli B said...

so cute!! i'm happy she is home! love the blog ps.

Mirtika said...

Madeline is absolutely a sweetiepie. Love her!!! (I'm horribly allergic to cats, get hives if I touch em, get bad asthma if I'm in a room with one, but I still have Kiki, a neighborhood cat who's adopted us and we feed OUTSIDE.)

Cats are cool. Wish I could touch em without getting sick. :(

Hope you get that printer fixed up fast! May many blessings come your way.


Meredith said...