Sep 12, 2008

Fairy Blessings

Being inspired by my friend Candace and all of her sketching about (which is a great habit I do not have), I decided to sketch. I had just sat down to start working on this project that I can't wait to share (soon my friends, soon), but realized I had bought the wrong color pen. :( So I had the time to sketch.

When I take out my sketch book I don't know where or even how to start without some idea to go off of. Hard to break the habits we make for ourselves. So I first drew a girl with the't really spark all. So then I started to draw a cartoon version of Madie....then a heart...then a wee little fairy next to Madie. That was it! Of course it had to be fairies. I drew another fairy jumping, but stopped mid way and drew another fairy falling/flying. This of course led to a painting. Then an idea. Now a brand of characters. I love coming up with these ideas, yet, never stick with them.

So here are the sketches of the fairies...

Which led to this wee painting (about 4.5 x 4.5)...

As I was drawing this little one I started to think about why or what she comes from. First off...the striped arm warmers and tights. You see many gothic faeries and trends with these, yet I wanted to make a turn from that and bring them onto the light side. Second she has a halo. These are creatures of God. Even though they are fairies, they belong to God. Thirdly, I'm thinking ahead to Christmas. :P

Also if you didn't notice already, each of these fairies have a bird associated with them. Grace's bird is a dove, Faith's bird is a robin, and of course Hope's bird is a cardinal. I'm likin' these little ladies and hope that I can create more than just one in color. ;) Keep your fingers crossed!

God bless.


Candace Trew Camling said..., you mentioned me!
Anyways...these are so lovely, I think you should do more! But could one fairy have a squirrel instead? Sorry, I know it goes against the theme.I just really like squirrels.

Sara Burrier said...

Hehe, take a look now! Thanks, for some reason that just resonated and the love fairy formed like a breeze. :)

Dawn Obrecht said...

AHHHH So much cuteness!!!!