Jun 12, 2009

My Process

"You Will Always Be" - A work in progress:

First I sketch on tracing paper the image. For this piece I chose two butterflies to reference from for the main and secondary butterflies. Once I'm finished, I scan and flip the image. This allows the viewer/client to see the rotation of the piece when it's finished. I always reverse my draws so they're ready for transfer.

Second I ink. I started using Microns sepia ink pens, but the 01 size just wasn't small enough...and finding out that they don't make it any smaller, I have actually gone old school and have now started to ink my pieces with a pen nib in sepia ink. Eh, not as fluid of lines, but man can I now get those tiny eyes inked in! I love the amount of control I have with the nibs instead of the microns.

Thirdly, I go into paint. Here are some of the first layers. I always try to get the background kind of figured out before anything else. Then I can't help it, gotta go to the main character(s). Especially this wee angel child. Too full of spirit not to add some tonal color!

Next sitting with painting. Bringing in more definition and explanation of what's really going on in the background and trying to fill up other white spaces (sun and moon). The butterflies are next!

Check back for more updates! I'm seriously posting them every day as I go! :D

So it has been advised that I show the process of my painting with this piece. I have taken those words into account and decided to go ahead and post it. This piece has been on my mind for a long time with much anticipation to get to paint. I have finally been able to do that this week. I know I won't get finished, but I'm very pleased to see where it is going.

A few little birdies have also suggested that I start advertising this style of my work for children's books because of it's uniqueness. I might take them up on it. ;) I truly enjoy creating entire worlds in one piece by the feel, and playing with textures. Just like the piece "The Talisman".

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Holly Durr Art said...

I can tell you enjoy working on these painting, because I enjoy looking at them :)