Jul 14, 2009

Auctions are Back!

I have returned to setting up auctions, yet not on Ebay. There's a new creative community I would love to introduce to you called FuzzB.com. It's a mix between ebay, etsy, facebook, and myspace. There are SO many items listed, you could spend hours there. I highly suggest taking a look.

My auctions are listed there, three original pieces. There were no winners last month for the "Summer Breeze" aceo so that has gone up for auction.

"Summer Breeze" 2.5x3.5 original watercolor painting, min. bid $7

"Valentine's Night" 5x7 original watercolor painting, min. bid $15.00

"Faith Fairy Blessing" 5x5.5 original watercolor painting, min. bid $7

I thought about going back to Ebay, bit it's been some time I don't see much of an original painting market now that we have Etsy. But I truly want to offer works at full rate and at a rate that could be lower, giving the customer more choice.

So please go visit FuzzB.com and take a look at all they have. Don't forget to take a look see at my auctions while you're there. Have fun!


Mélanie said...

I like the three of them, but I think my favorite is "Summer Breeze" :)

Julia said...

Very beautiful!

clipping path service said...

Wow! So sweet!! Thanks for sharing.

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