Jan 13, 2010

February Postcard

Last night right before bedtime I finished the illustration for my promotional postcard. Thanks to my advising husband of course. First mail out of the year. Surprisingly enough, while playing in photoshop for layout, it wasn't nearly as hard as my postcard last year. I don't know if it's because there isn't as much pressure (Brian having a new job), or if it's what I hope it is. That I have enough faith and trust in God that I just keep doing what I'm led to do and let Him take care of the rest. A running theme this year I think. :)

I would appreciate any feedback about layout. Especially in on the back. I realized I hadn't done any illustration to take from the front and transfer to the back. So I decided on illustrating a beach like (Columbian?) girl, all the way across the ocean from where the kids on the front are from, receiving one of the loving thought letters. Placement and color was the only real issue I ran into. Couldn't decide.

If you have thoughts, opinions, for either the front or the back, I'm all ears. I'm hoping to get these ordered tomorrow or Friday. :)



Emily said...

The balance on the front, of your image and information, is fantastic!

Lisa Graves said...

this might sound weird, but I love the houses on the front illustration. Love that they are on a hill and fade away. So cute.

k.h.whitaker said...

excellent, it turned out so beautifully