Feb 25, 2010

IF - Propagate

graphite pencil, digital  |  2010

After seeing a few other artists use plant life in their IF this week, it got me thinking.  I didn't really know how I wanted to translate this word....but I thought of what my mom has done and always will do with her plants.  She cuts them back and re-pots the clippings, most of the time.  Two...no....maybe three or four of my houseplants are clippings off of my mom's plants.  Now I'm doing the same with mine.  It's a beautiful way to share with friends too!  All around good stuff.

Btw, I miss spring...I don't want to paint snow any more.

I also painted this digitally, with some watercolor photoshop brushes.  Eh, still prefer my good ol' paint brush, but not too displeased with this either.  I think it works with the sketch very well.  :)  Probably will use it again.  


Lucretia E. McGuff-Silverman said...

Nice lines and soft colors

Sally Taylor said...

This is very sweet... lovely composition.

tweed fox said...

wow this is gorgeous! :) i love the colors. :)

josh pincus is crying said...

wonderful illustration. awesome coloring!

roberta said...

wow you have an sweet soul!
(sorry for my english)

Anonymous said...

Extremely well done, your style shows through really nicely and I love the concept behind this piece!