May 24, 2010

May Update

Heya folks,
It's been a busy month, but a good month.  One of those that gets to the heart of yourself and pushes your limits, and when you think you're finished God taps you on the shoulder and says "You're strong and good, no doubts.".  Pretty cool eh?

So everyone has been wonderin' about "Poppy".  She's been finished for a couple of weeks now, but haven't had the time to post her.  You ready? she is!

She's available on Etsy (original painting) here for $75 with free shipping, or you can purchase her as a print at my Print Shop here for $10 or $15 (+shipping and handling).

On a different note:
I discovered the key to having a happy life yesterday, and thought I'd share it.  We all know how up and down I can be, and I know for a fact I'm not alone.  Especially with artists, but it isn't just us.  I think this is something we all struggle with as humans.  We aim to be happy, but look or go to the wrong things for that happiness.  That has always bothered me, tho I seem to fall victim to material things quite often.

We buy something when we're feeling low or sad to make us feel better.  Don't deny it, we all do it if we haven't found the key to happiness.  Whether it be a pair of shoes, get ice cream, buy an iPhone, whatever it may be.  The problem is, these items or things can't solve deeper issues.  They're earthly treasures, but when we we take them with us?  Nope.

So here is what I learned. 
The happy life is one where my inner life and outward actions match (I have character and integrity).
Simple enough.  But the problem is...although I want to change my inner self to love others, I just don't have the motivation, care, or esteem to do so.  Then what?  Am I doomed from never having happiness?  Nope, here's an instruction to retain the above key.
Invest what you already care deeply about (your treasures: money, time, energy, stuff, reputation, etc.) into what you want your heart to care about. 
We all invest into something.  No matter what it may be, we just do.  I haven't figured out what it is I invest in or care deeply about.  It's kind of scrambled inside my head at the moment.  But I know once I figure this out I will be able to redirect it.  I may not enjoy investing at first, but without a doubt I will start caring.  We always pay attention to and care about things we invest in.  A car, house, stocks, food, family, relationships, etc. 

So I hope here, in the end of this post, I have enlightened you with where I've been, the struggles I've been working through with the help of God, and possibly some insight into your own life.  Food for thought.

{ taken from "How Cool Are Your Shoes" service by Jason Stark at ReChurch }

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