Aug 12, 2010

Lady of Sapphire

"Lady of Sapphire"
colored pencil  |  2010

The month of September is up and I'm in love!  She has set the standard for the rest of the series...and I have a surprise to share at the end of the week!

"The color of Sapphire, and the stone of September. She is a lady who sees beyond the horizon with clarity."

Purchased more colored pencils so I had more colors.  I'm very excited about the new tones.  

She is up as a print (sorry, original sold already) on my Etsy shop!  

Next week... October - Purity!


Krista said...

Sara, these are absolutely magnificent! I just LOVE her delicate fingers and upturned face. Truly stunning!

Holly Durr Art said...

Hi Sara, I love your new colored pencil work. Colored pencil is additive :)

MrBibleHead said...

Wow! She is beautiful! Can't wait for the surprise......

Sara Burrier said...

LOL Oops, forgot to mention, the new "Lady of Citrine" ( ) was the surprise. :P