Oct 13, 2010

Which One?!

I'm looking into purchasing a new camera to take photos for the etsy shop...
but making a choice is frustrating. Reviews are almost annoying because you get the same reviews, good and bad, for every kind of camera.

Does anyone have experience or their own opinions about these cameras? 
I have it narrowed down to three and I would love to hear some feedback. :)

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FH1 Digital Camera with Basic Accessory Kit (Black)

12.1 Megapixels
5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens
2.7" LCD
High Speed Autofocus
Optical Image Stabilization
Intelligent Scene Detection
High Sensitivity (ISO 6400)
HD Video Recording
Advanced Face Detection

    Pentax Optio H90 Digital Camera with Basic Accessory Kit (Ceramic White

    12.1 Megapixels
    5x Optical Zoom
    2.7" LCD
    Stylish Design
    Advanced Face Detection
    Pixel Track Shake Reduction
    HD Video Recording

       Samsung SL605 Digital Point and Shoot Camera with Basic Accessory Kit (Black)
      12.2 Megapixels
      5x, 27-135mm Equivalent Wideangle Zoom
      Protected From Dust, Dirt and Sand
      Smart Night Mode for Great Low-Light Pix
      Image Stabilization Prevents Blurry Pix
      Smile Shot for Better Portraits
      Blink Detection
      Multiple Scene Modes for Best Exposure
      Apply Color Styles in Camera
      Print to PictBridge Printer w/o Computer


        J Perrault said...

        Sara, shooting repros of artwork, even when ur somewhat knowledgeable, I find is an exercise in frustration. All of these are good cameras, but I personally like Canons. I've owned a lot of cameras, from Leicas to Nikons (and am famous in my family for saying digital will never take off). Right now i shoot exclusively with Canons. I find that Point-and-shoots (despite what Consumer Reports says) rarely last a year in our household. Of course i've got teens and pre-teens. And yet SLRS can be overkill for most artists. I dont know what your budget is but personally I like the Canon G-series. I own both a G9 and a G11. They are rugged, solid cameras with tons of versatile features to grow into or play with. The G11 has less megapixels (a good thing, really) and a better sensor. Whatever you get prob best to shoot with color turned to 'neutral' or 'off' with Is 'on'. Hope this helps.

        lili ham said...

        My brother owns a Panasonic, Lumix, you can see the photos I´ve taken with it on Facebook, even our garden!! I´ll soon buy one for me, faces look as if "cleaned" with Photoshop!! I think this camera is great!!

        Sara Burrier said...

        Thank you for the comments you guys! I ended up getting a violet Panasonic Lunix DMC-FH20 and ADORE it! :D Took pictures of my kitties (which are often than not difficult subject matter to photograph) and the images came out gorgeous!

        Can't wait to take new photos for my etsy shop. :)