Nov 15, 2010

C O O K I E S!

 Yes, not art related, but cooking is one of my hobbies. Even more so, cookies are really all I can bake besides biscuits, so this is big.

Ever since I got an electric beater I haven't been able to make my chocolate chip cookies (original toll house recipe) quite right. They always turn out fluffy and too soft. Although good, that isn't my fav.

MY cookies are supposed to come out crunchy around the edges and chewy in the middle.

This time I chose NOT to use the beater and do it all by hand. It was a great work out for my arms, plus, they finally turned out the way they were supposed to! Yay!!!


Teresa said...

They look yummy Sara.
Teresa x

Ben Hatke said...

Edible Art! And beautifully photographed.