Feb 3, 2011

Lady of the Field - WIP

Always searching for a new technique.
Here I have printed the sketch onto watercolor paper. Interesting to say the least.

I pre-soaked the paper first and stretched it.

Ran it through the printer - fyi: make sure the background is TOTALLY blank of any "noise". It prints too then you have ink dots over the whole thing. So we'll see how it turns out with those. :/

Began to add paint...which the first layer didn't apply quite evenly. I don't know if the "spots" (we'll call them...where the paint sits in darker little spots) have to do with the paper and ink mixed, or if it's the paint. That's one of the Daniel Smith paints.

Once I started to add paint I realized I couldn't see my lines much any more. They're already faint as it is (the lighter the lines, the less ink bleeds).

I went back in with a colored pencil to bring back some of my more important lines.

Other than the dark watercolor spots I'm pleased so far as to how the paint is resting with the ink and how the colored pencil brought the sketch back to life.

I'm concerned with messing this up, but also know that if I don't just do it, I won't grow. :)


Faebyl said...

It looks great! good luck with it:) maybe it's the paint, I know there are alot of ds paints which are granulating, maybe thats whats making it uneven?

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

May I ask what paper you are using? I have used this method a couple of times. The good thing is, your original sketch is preserved just in case you need to start over. I really enjoy your blog. And your work.