Apr 5, 2011

Supporting Local Animals

Both of my cats are from our local shelter. Now I can give back!

I got an email from Brian this morning informing me about about the ASPCA's 100k Challenge. I would like to share what it says and then ask you to give back simply by clicking your mouse (no pun intended).

Giving Pets a New Leash on Life!
The Animal Rescue League of Iowa Could Win $100,000 But Need Your Help TODAY! 
....and each day through April 15
Over the past few weeks, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa has been participating in a series of qualifiers to be eligible to compete for the ASPCA's (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) $100,00 shelter challenge.
We've made it to the qualifying heat.
Now, we need your help!
There are 95 shelters across the country in the running and the top 50 shelters to receive the most votes by April 15 will move on the full competition.

The competition is simple - the shelter who increases their adoptions the most during 90 days this summer over the same time last year wins the $$$!

We plan to use the $100,000 to fully fund our spay/neuter outreach programs CatSnip (for owned cats) and PitStop (for owned pit bull terriers).  These programs provide FREE spay/neuter, microchip, and rabies vaccinations for those who could otherwise not afford it.  These are the 2 types of animals that we see the most of at the ARL, so we are working to reduce the numbers through these 2 programs.  We will also use the money for our Emergency Veterinary Fund for specialized vet needs - this is the same fund that was used to pay for the care that Duke received when he was found paralyzed and with a gunshot wound.

Remember, you can vote once a day (starting today) through April 15, so please vote today and every day so we can provide needed services to these animals!  Spread the word to everyone you know via e-mail and Facebook.  THANK YOU!

Right now the ARL is in the lead! They just got a new facility and it's because of their work that Madie was rescued from an alley and put into my warm arms. It's because of their work that Talor found a home where she could get the personal attention she requires.

They even save horses, pigs, and exotic animals! 

To learn more about the ARL please visit their website: http://www.arl-iowa.org/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

This is something that is heavy on my heart. I would adopt and adopt these animals if I could. This is a way I can give back to this wonderful organization.


Carolyn said...

Help and care for all animals is highly important !
I have voted - thank u Sara.

Amanda Makepeace said...

I've added this to the EBSQ Friday Five so we can gather more votes for this worthy cause. :)