May 10, 2011

Love Birds Finished

It takes two to tango.

There is currently only one other set in all of my work that belong to one another as much as these two do. I am excited to see them finished and together.

 "Perched at Dawn" & "Perched at Dusk"
{ watercolor & colored pencil | 2011 }

view sketches for paintings here!

It's hot here in Des Moines, record high of over 90 degrees F. The studio is packed with humid air, so this post is short. I think I might take a nap till Brian get's home to pass the heat away.

But I wanted to share and let you know...

The limited edition, yes Limited Edition, prints of these two WILL be out THIS week. Keep your senses about you and look for them. ;)

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L.J. Libiran said...

These turned out beautifully. Wow! Thanks for posting them.

roberto M. said...

Excellent, I admire your art!

Anonymous said...

Those are simply gorgeous. Wonderful job, I love them!

Larry said...

Great readiing your blog