Sep 15, 2011

Midnight Warrior

She has stunned me.

"The quiet midnight warrior, without a sound, brings glory to her King ."  

It is rare for one of my paintings to stop me in my tracks and send shivers down my spine. But the more I gazed upon this wee painting, the more in awe I became.

One: it is rare for my paintings to appear looking at the viewer. "Lusinga", "Roseilee", and "Mourning" are the only ones....recently...that look at you. "Lusinga" and "Mourning" are some of my top sellers.

Two: The movement feels like a quiet moment, paused or in slow motion, as she passes by me while I'm on a night walk.

Three: Her wisdom and strength just presses upon my chest and makes me hold my a good way. The only thing I can compare that to is when I've seen a buck in our front yard during the winter. It's such a serene and heavenly moment that you want to last forever because of the majesty it represents.

Four: I see God in her eyes and in her breath. I'm astounded by that.

And Five: No colored pencil except for the drawing itself under the paint. I'm pretty proud of the richness I was able to create without relying on the colored pencil.

It's hard to believe she's only 4x6 inches, and the piece took me less than 48 hours. This is truly a piece by me from God. And I am in awe of his Majesty.

She is, of course, available on Etsy as a 6.5x10 inch print:


goudenregen said...

She is so beautiful, especially the expression on her face.

Jenn Bower said...

Stunning indeed. And thank you for professing your faith through your work.

Melissa said...

She is truly amazing!!! I think I will need this one. :))

lorellyne said...

She is truly beautiful ! It's an amazing and gorgeous piece of art !! I'm awe with your talent !!

Melanie said...

Sara, I'm new to your work and blog and to find this first is SPELLBINDING!

I cant believe how much you've expressed in something so small. I also love that you've commented on her and the feelings she's evoked in you. I love the lightness of her hair, it's like it's been lifted by a breeze, and that beautiful reflection point of the moon on her shoulder, her piercing eyes, the delicacy of her antlers (such a big hard word for something so delicate), and well everything else!

Thank you for sharing, and Hi from Australia.

fay said...

There are so many qualities to be seen in this work of art; where to start? I love the way she is a warrior who isn't egocentric. She has such self-esteem & purpose and seems to be a magical being placed here by you to support each & everyone who will pay attention. Her intention is always for the better; it shows in her eyes; she represents strength and compassion; she is powerful with a calm majesty all her own; her beauty blends beautifully with her earthly roots. It doesn't hurt that there is a crescent moon which is my favorite symbol. I probably could go on but will simply agree that her image is absolutely fabulous. Your talent is truly awesome in the truest sense of the word. Thank you for gracing the world with your presence as well as creating beautiful art for us all to enjoy. Add to all that a cat person...perfection!!

Shaylynn said...

Wow... that's beautiful!!!