Oct 12, 2011

What's The Title?

I need your help
And it's a GIVEAWAY! Whooo!

No really, I need your help. What should I title this new piece? Usually a name pops up, but everything I come up with is pretty cheesy or generic.

To make this fun, I've created this into a giveaway. So here's the "Work in Progress"...
Now here's how you can help and enter:

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Tell me what I should title my current Work in Progress in a comment below.

ADDITIONAL CHANCES TO WIN: Must do the MANDATORY entry before these, otherwise they don't count.
  • 1 entry - Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment here with a link to your twitter
  • 1 entry - Share this Giveaway with a direct link on Facebook, then leave a comment here saying you did so
  • 2 entries - Add this Giveaway to your blog roll and let me know where it is
  • 3 entries - Blog about this Giveaway, then leave a comment with the direct link to your post so that I can view it
  • 4 entries - Purchase some Christmas gifts from my shopsarambutcher.etsy.com
One post per entry and please include your name and email address, so I can contact you if you win. I will use Random.org to determine the winner.


Two 5x7 prints and two large bookmarks. These are from storage with the old Dreamflier Studios logo. A very special bunch! Can't be found anywhere else but through this giveaway.

Winner of the title chosen will receive an 10x8 print of the finished painting; free of course.
Go ahead, give it a try. Couldn't hurt. :)


Mirriam said...

I would call it 'Spindrift.' Spindrift is a fancy word for the foam on top of waves =)
I'm also going to Facebook about this, blog about this (http://www.shieldmaidenthoughts.wordpress.com) though you'll have to visit later today to see (I can't post it quite yet).
OH my goodness, I hope I win ^.^
~ Mirriam

lissa said...

'Gathering sea dreams'? - is all I can come up with.

Masa said...

I sugest "Ondines' song"

oh and for mandatory entry:

Caryn said...

I think "Adrift in Thought" fits. :)

I also posted with the link of Facebook. (Tagged and should be on your page. I'm about 99.9% sure I'm the only one who spells their first name Caryn.)

Donna said...

Waves of Fantasy.
Not sure how all this works. First time trying.
Donna Holdridge

Anonymous said...

How about the title: Oceanna

I hope you like it. Here is my email address: maijai69@gsinet.net

Thank you!

Pepper Darcy said...

how about... 'To Go Beyond?'

thanks! Michelle Fritz (elvenchild3@gmail.com)

fay said...

Fashionista of the Sea: I love that her jewelry, hair decorations, and possibly dress will be made up of decorative elements of the oceans; ie, starfish, pearls, etc. With the fish for an audience, she can pretty much have the runway to herself.

Apprentice Seamstress said...

"A sea of dreams"

It is a very majestic piece of artwork.

roberto M. said...

Hello Sara, for me the correct name is "Exceptional watercolor, I congratulate you" ha ha :)
actually, I have no idea what may be the name, perhaps "The ginger princes of the lost ocean"
No matter if I do not comply with the rules for participating in the competition since I have no twitter, and nor I understood well,
but if I share with this comment, the better, obviously I would like to win a prize you give. Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Derrrr.... uh..... this one is surprisingly hard to pin a title on ;P
How about... Undine Dreams? Hopefully I come up with something better later on ;P

~Heather of http://flutteringswallow.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

I mentioned the giveaway in a blog post :)


~Heather of http://flutteringswallow.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

Added this page to my blogroll :)

~Heather of http://flutteringswallow.wordpress.com/

Danielle S said...

I've thought of a dozen different things and discarded them as simply no good. I keep coming back to
" Ophelia " no idea why. so I guess thats my toss in the mix!

She is beautiful, which is to be expected from you! Wonderfully done.


Danielle S said...

I also ...



Danielle S said...

and I FB'd...



Melanie said...

I thought of..
"Enchanted Underworld"
or "Enchanting"

but then I read the replies and like
what Milisande said...

"A sea of dreams"

its beautiful!

Trini said...

"Aqua Fantasy"


Trini said...


Shirley said...

Sara, I don't know if my comment made it, but oh I just wanted to say how amazing your work is!! I've been amiss at visiting..my apologies.

What a wonderful opportunity..thank you for the chance at your lovely giveaway!

"And the waves whispered..."