Nov 3, 2011

The Three Pillars

What is your foundation?
Before I get into what mine is, I want to give a bit of background to the images you're going to see.

Towards the end of last year I introduced three little angels to you. One named Twilight, one Dusk, and the other Noon. Each one features animals and obviously, a certain time of day. This was the basis/theme for the series. To catch up, here are the two links to those posts:

Created by Sheila Lygo
Not too long after that, Crafts and Me asked if I would finish the sketches and create line art for digital stamps. And I did, you can find them here:

Many crafters have used these images and created gorgeous cards with them! It has inspired me not to give up on the images....but I still wasn't motivated on how to use them yet.

I have created many line art works for Crafts and Me, and there is something rewarding seeing all of your paintings and sketches in beautiful, black, and clean lines. I knew this past Monday I had to keep painting. Oceana is finished, and I'm still working on the months and another large WIP, but I believe I can do more. With two shows next year (more on that later), I need to be painting!

Though,  I didn't want to think about composition or the poses. I went through those beautiful line art works and saw the little angels. PERFECT! Now is the time.
But will I stay with the titles and theme? 
Here's what I wanted from these:
  1. The focus to be solely on the angel, and the background to be simple enough for licensing.
  2. Large enough to make an impact in person, but not so huge I will never get them done.
  3. They have to be sitting on something that can be similar in each and again, doesn't take away from the angel.
  4. To have a meaning worth sharing, that aligns with my faith, and inspires.
The results? The Three Pillars.

The Pillar of Love

The Pillar of Hope

The Pillar of Grace
(stay tuned! dun dun dun!)

These are the three pillars, or foundations of my faith and life. I truly believe, that if you give and have all three of these; Love, Hope, Grace; your life will be fruitful and filled with a sense of fulfillment. 

I am inspired today, Mae Day (as Brian likes to call it), the day I watch my baby niece, when I look at these drawings. Combining the two I am excited because these three little angels bring a message that in turn brings glory to God. What a beautiful image for young girls to grow up with, images they can relate to that show these foundations. I am so motivated to paint!

PS: this has nothing to do with the fact I'm reading a book on angels. :P Tho, if you're looking for some good information on them based on Scripture, check it out!


Debbie said...

Beautiful images, Sara! I love your idea of the three pillars! Hope you are doing well. I think of you often.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Sara, your line work is so lyrical and clean. Simply lovely.

Anonymous said...

They are so lovely,Sara! With meaning behind it, I can truly feel how much you devote yourself with this three pillars-Love,hope,and grace! Just simply amazing!