Jan 2, 2013

Health in the Studio

I welcome 2013 with open arms and submission. 

Do you ever sit down to plan and organize your work week but find that you enjoy the organizing more than the doing? That's me in a nutshell. It's taken a decade to realize this, but I'm grateful that I have! And this is why 2013 is going to be different!

First my health. Last year was all about my mental health and figuring out my identity. This year it's about my physical health...and that includes stress levels. 

I'm a highly active person, not in the sports or adventurous aspects, but I'm always moving, thinking, and analyzing. Can you relate?

To bring the stress down, I reorganized my studio into "sections". I had this before, but not so broken down. When we move I will break it down even further. I have four sections: Office, Create, Process, and Craft.

Your typical office desk, makes me feel like I am somewhere else other than my home. I have created a place for all of my mail, charity, financials, receipts, and project logs, and so much more. It is be cleared off at the end of the day and no more piles of papers! Everyone has a place. I always have piles and piles of papers that build up...nothing more stressful knowing I have to go through them and then never do. 

This is the happy place, where I create my work. I reorganized adding to the amount of mugs, laying out all my art materials instead of hiding them in drawers. I want to be exposed to the options for creating this year. Notice no chair (must get a stool though). 

My husband, Brian, started a "movement" if you will at his work about standing at your desk while working. He did major study upon it, and now stands all day. His testimony declares how much more he's motivated and energized to work...especially through those grueling afternoon hours. I have always sat...so didn't think much on it except to pat him on the back.

I got the 2013 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market book and there it was! An article about standing in the studio to stay healthy. Well there ya go! I decided to make the move and have found the results quick and awesome. I can definitely work longer hours without becoming tired or even creatively numb. My imagination and creative juices run longer. 

I'm very excited about this, but if you go this route be sure to invest in a stool for frequent short sits (that's a healthy thing to do too), and a padded mat or insoles for your shoes to help your heels get through the change. I use a small step stool to alternate my feet.

I needed a place to process my Etsy orders, make promotional items, or even mat and frame work. It's daunting to place a table in the middle of my small studio, but necessary. It hasn't gotten in the way yet! 

Part of my office desk problem last year was the use of office work slash processing. It got cluttered very fast, I felt like I was working in a box that was too small, and I was suffocating without knowing it. This has been extremely helpful!

I am a collector of all decorative papers, and with my little side hobbies of jewelery, bird houses, ornaments, etc., I needed a place to store all of it. A small little section of my studio is devoted to this, and I'm happy to say it's a piled up mess, but thankfully it can stay that way. 
All of the crafts were getting lost in my art materials, and it became frustration overload. Amazing what a small little change can do!

Caffeine and Sleep
The amount of caffeine I take in has changed, instead of consuming all the way up to when I go to bed, I cut off no later than 4pm.

Sleep is hard for me to get enough of, but my hope is with the stress levels low and the calm of knowing that the Lord has my life in His hands, I will be able to get the rest needed. Getting to bed before midnight is a change that has started for the best. A goal to get 6 hours minimum. 

What do you think of these changes? 
Have you heard of any of these before?
What are you doing differently this year?


Natalia said...

Thank you for sharing, Sara! I like the idea of standing! Will try it. Blessings to support you in your changes! <3

Chicken Foodies said...

I enjoyed readingg your post