Feb 22, 2013

Update - Current Work in Progress


She's coming along. I bought the Daniel Smith dot sheets again and playing with new colors to determine which ones I want to add to my palette. I really like the black. I'll let you know which ones I choose after the painting is finished.



"Spring Maiden"

After looking through my portfolio of fairies, I realized there were no fairy brides, time for a change!
It's refreshing to get back onto hot pressed paper after a some time on cold pressed.


BeluBelloBelle said...

This is great and always Sara, wish can meet you someday :)

Sara Burrier said...

Hopefully some day I will be able to meet you! It would be great to meet those who follow my work. :) Thanks!

Teresa said...

A really stunning artwork Sara so lovely
Teresa xx

Lauren Trisser said...

Hi great reading your poost