Jul 2, 2013

Work in Progress with New Insights

It Begins with Story

After I signed with my licensing agent one of the first things she told me was I had beautiful faces but not enough story. Keep the central figures but explain who they are, what's their purpose, where are they, and what's the story? 

Environments, which tell the story, are hard for me, and I think God knows this. If not I've told Him enough times. When I look outside my studio windows I see His help in this matter.

My stories are about princesses and their interaction with nature; the fairytale love story engulfed with the life here on earth and in heaven, using birds, insects, garden creatures, leaves, flowers, and pattern to share the plot line. 

Applying Story with Work

I never thought my work would have such a structured theme, but it does. I'm in love with birds and leaves together; butterflies and flowers; the little bumblebee humming it's way through a bush; and the bright sunlight that shows all of it! 

God's creation and music, how could I not be in love? But how do I incorporate this into my work?

Originally "Quiet Time"
I haven't quite figured that out yet, but by taking existing works and adding to them has helped. For "Quiet Time" I painted sea life separate on a different sheet and photoshopped them in, adding quite a busy life around her. In "You Are the Sun, I Am the Moon" I drew and painted directly onto the existing piece to tell a story about a princess and her Prince. The story was already there, I just had to find it.

The piece above is definitely an experimentation since I was in the middle of painting it when I signed with the agent. I had the pretty face but no story...again.

Taking what I have learned about my themes and using the inspiration outside, I have decided she is a maiden being presented to her groom for the very first time. So the environment around her must be lush, enchanting, and bright.

I have a long way to go, but it's refreshing to know there's a story to be found and to know I can rest in the confidence of what I've been given to do.

"You Are the Sun, I Am the Moon"


BeluBelloBelle said...

Is it possible to sent ya a story of it ? where i can send you that? :D , just a simply idea if you don't mind.
it could be from your main idea and i'll explore it and sending to you.

Holly Durr Art said...

While I was away from art, buying a house, moving in, unpacking, etc. I did a lot of soul searching about my work and what I missing in it. I realized I needed to slow down and put my whole heart into a painting. I studied other cp artist works, to learn new techniques. It hit me that I needed to tell more of a story. I thought to myself if someone else did that same painting would I want to hang it on my wall. Sadly, I feel that I wouldn't want to hang most of my current pieces on my wall. So it's sorta a slap in the face, but a good wakeup call for me to work harder at my craft. It is hard enough to make it as a artist. I know I can do better than I have and I'm putting my all in my work now and feeling better about it :)

Unknown said...

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