Dec 1, 2013

Featured Art - Angel Fish

"Angel Fish"
11x14 inches  |  Watercolor  |  created 2010

When I think about mermaids I see graceful movements, vivid colors that reflect light, a longing for freedom, and mystery. 

When I look deeper I catch a glimpse of myself. Ever since Disney's "The Little Mermaid" I've been attracted to the concept of freedom beyond my own world, that somehow the world I live in is a trap. Years later when I found myself within scripture I discovered that in a way, I am. Thankfully that's not the whole story, and that my life is a journey without a cage if I so choose.

'Angel Fish' came from the desire to worship the light and to express surrender, something I find difficult to do in my life. I'm somewhat of a control freak and aim daily to let things go, especially those things I know are not in my control even though I continue to try. 


All things lead to the light for my good. This piece is a reminder of that good and to always move towards the light out of the darkness, regardless of my circumstances, other's actions, or things out of my control.

1 comment:

Lorena Mellado said...


Una hermosa sirena con bellos colores y con un bello entorno.
Tus trabajos son preciosos llenos de encanto.
Te dejo invitada a mi mundo hecho pintura.
Saludos de Chile