Sep 28, 2015

Fall In Monday

I just had to share the excitement that I am feeling right now! I ADORE fall! The wind, the crunch of leaves, the colors, the cozy sweaters, boots, boot socks, jackets, all of it! I could go on and on about what is so fantastic about fall.

I looked at our forecast for the week and today SHOULD be the last day of 80 degree weather. Granted, I may be a minority for not wanting the warm temps. I'm sure in a few months I'll be begging for spring. I've had my fill of it tho, and I'm ready for something cooler.

In anticipation for the 60-70 degree weather on the horizon, I'm having a sale.

Sales are just fun on Mondays,'s Monday. :/ We have SO much to focus on, get back into order, meetings, its the start to a long week, and we all could use some good news or smiles (wish I could make donuts magically appear before you, but alas I ran out of pixie dust).

So I hope you find YOUR LIGHT for the week, today, on a Monday of all days, and purchase yourself something encouraging and inspiring.


If you purchase 2 prints from my shop, I will give you a third one, of your choice, free. All you need to do is buy the two and note to me which one you want as a third. 

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