Aug 26, 2006

Queen Kitty's Party

The other night A.T., our cat, was staying at my place (she travels from Sterling's place to mine) and ended up keeping me awake ALLLLLLLLLLLLL night, literally, I got like maybe 2 hours of sleep. I emptied an entire water bottle on her trying to keep her out of my room so that I could sleep. Once I got up, she of course, went to sleep. I was so peeved that I decided...since I didn't have anything new to place up onto Ebay for the week, that I would make fun of her in an ACEO.

Ha! That'll teach her. Heh, right.

So thats the story with this piece. Big and center of all attention, fat, drama queen, being served her food whenever she wants it, holding everyone's tails, and has free constant entertainment for her enjoyment. Yup, sounds like our cat A.T. ;)


Meredith said...


Unknown said...

This is so adorable & the story is so funny!

Denzel Washington said...

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