Dec 2, 2006

In Thought

This morning, while finishing up my writing to the Lord like every morning, A.T. started to meow and I started to feel myself go deeper into the unpleasant thoughts from the night before. I rebuked in the name of Jesus any evil and demons surrounding me and my apartment. As I took a deep breath after doing so, A.T. came and laid on my desk infront of me, the cars on the street became quiet, and I could hear the wind rustling the leaves outside. The weight was lifted. I looked at my Bible so calmly sitting next to A.T. and just stared at it. All I could think of was "Wow, even the print wearing off of the front looks relic like." I got overwhelmed inside with the truth of what this book is. Not exactly what it is now, literally speaking...word for word...having been translated so many times, but what it means. I don't mean to sound like "Pppppft, its only a Bible." That is not what I am saying at all, but I believe for one to understand it one must also have a relationship with Christ and the Father. Like opening the book to the Neverending Story. If you believe, He will interact with you through the book, if you don't, you will scrutinize it, find the stories entertaining, or not understand them of Him at all. I pray that makes sense.

But the point I am getting at here is it's His word. I hold in my hand an ancient treasure, every hotel and motel room has one (or at least they used to). Whether you wanted one or not, there it was! Gold and diamonds right there at your finger tips, right there at your bedside, right there on a table and yet it is passed. It just blew me away.

I don't know about many others, and from what I have seen and heard maybe I'm just missing something, but I have a difficult time remembering scripture or memorizing it. While looking at the Bible I thought two things at once... "What do you want to say to me?" and "Where do I start to remember scripture?". I opened it up and right on the inside of the cover is scripture painted...I read it "Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path" psalm 119:105. Huh. Interesting, kind of goes in hand with the last post. o.O "Start here." Love it when the heart talks don't you? I had to read it a few times but it clicked. Simple, about light, about my path, things that I seem to talk or write or paint about every day.

Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.

I can just see the painting for this one. :)

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