Apr 16, 2007

eBay 4/16/07

This week is a bit...off. Least to say. Somehow, after going through the process of listing this item...it didn't list. SOOooo it's starting today. I don't wish to go another week without posting something up.

Mental Note: Auction starts today Monday 4/16/07, and ends on Monday 4/23/07

Now on to the actual listing.
This is Raven. She's a single white female, for obvious reasons, and loves to hang out with two white moon wolves. They're favorite resting place is on a high hill in a dense and dark forest. Their hobbies include hunting, feeding, and well....hum....bringing order to the forest? Interested?

The item up for auction is a small 8.5 x 11 limited edition print (#4/30), but matted in black, equaling the total size of item to be 11 x 14. More info at the auction site.


Beth Hansen-Buth said...

I love this piece Sara! She's so delicate and yet so powerful.

Deb said...

Sara on the darkside! She's really beautiful like her sisters..
Deb in FL

Sara Burrier said...

Thanks Beth. Yeah, now she's being redone.....again! :P

Deb, thank you! Everyone has their darkside, and Raven is mine...but not for long. She's moving towards the light side....side of the Jedi! ;)