Apr 30, 2007

WIP - Wellspring

Okay, the title is still in the process stage...not sure what the title is going to be for sure yet.

Before we get to the piece first you need to understand who Raven was/is. She is a character of mine who has been with me for many years...since I was gosh...13 or so? Ever since I saw the film "The Crow" I was obsessed with the whole concept and really felt alone in the whole thing. Naturally, I was a teenager.

So I used Raven as a visual means to express what I felt. For a majority of her life she has always been dark, a loner, a witch, the undead, immortal, a killer...but for the good, etc. She has been many things, but in it all she was always one with a void, a hole in her soul...as if it was already gone and taken with nothing in her power to change it.

When I started to get heavy in my pagan beliefs she changed just a bit. She ran to the forests of the world I created at that time, Ikara, and became a goddess of balance and harmony in the wild kingdom of animals. A bit more at peace, yet, still alone, forbidden to have the love she craved, and dark (of course!).

This new piece is her repentance, her rebirth, her release from the slavery that held her so captive and restrained her from becoming who and what she really was..a daughter of God, bride of Christ. She has been freed, filled with the Light of Christ, and truly filled with the love she so craved and could not find. She is no longer the Raven, but the Dove.

This piece is planned to be 11 x 17.


Meredith said...

Quite a difference! It's neat to see your really old drawings. I should dig up some of mine sometime. I have some which were the same characters in high school, which look completely different now though.

Sara Burrier said...

It felt weird digging them up too. I'm so far from that person now, but not only that...the difference in the drawing techniques themselves! O.O I mean, there is a large jump between some of them...but even between Raven's Eve (last year) and this new one.

Its so amazing how different we are once we get into the real word than when we were in high school. ;)

Holly Durr Art said...

This is really neat sara, I have two drawings I did of a fairy back in high school. She was a bad fairy. Maybe I sould do another drawing of her, but maybe show her coming to the light, transforming into a angel.

Anonymous said...


pardon me in advance for my poor english : I'm french :)

I discovered you in decembre 2006, and ever since, I used to visit your website quite often to check for new drawings, paintings, ...

Nowadays, there are a lot of fairies artists !
But... I must confess that my favorite artist was Amy Brown (not very original, I know)...
But, since I discovered you, it changed !

Ho my...
Your style, your drawings... All these pastel colors, the softness of your characters'feature, ...

All these elements reflets my inside, my soul. It's like a miror, or the materialization of my feelings.

Please... Please... Do not ever change your style !
Continue to be yourself !

Signed : one of your fan

Anonymous said...

Ho, I forgot : I prefer much more Raven in the present !

She looks much nicer, and kind :)

Sara Burrier said...

Thank you very much for your comments Mély. :)

Yeah, doin' the transformations is interesting Holly, especially when you place Christ in front of it. :)