Jun 11, 2007

Drawing a Day

I have been teaching myself how to draw dragons now since, oh, about late March, early April. I had to teach "how to draw dragons" at the Art Center. I have never been good at them, dunno why, but now all of the sudden I get it. I used to draw them and they'd turn out looking like snakes or salamanders. I still have a hard time with the anatomy of the dragon, which I'm sure I'll get someday. But for now at least I have the head down.

I did do a HUGE drawing today of a dragon's head, but its at work with all of the other dragons my class and I drew today (they are waiting to be painted tomorrow in acrylic). So I decided to do a mini dragon for my drawing today and for ebay.

Here's the ACEO, Alondra, who's name means defender (spanish/greek). She protects and fights for the heart. My first dragon up for sale and up for show. :) You can visit the auction HERE


Sally said...

Sara, she is adorable! My daughter will love her:)

Sara Burrier said...

Thank you! :)

yaamas said...

Sara, he looks great! And love his anatomy. Remember, there are all kinds of dragons and the one that you have depicted is wonderful. That is so cool that you are doing a "Drawing a Day", it will certainly inspire me to do the same. By the way, thank you for what you said on your last post...it was beautiful. Keep painting what is in your heart!