Nov 5, 2007

DB, a New Member in the Family

Design by (DB) is a new addition to the business Dreamflier, created and maintained by Sara M Butcher.

Starting today the site DB will be launched and advertised as a new service offering the design needs for small businesses and persons. Services include logo design, brochures and flyer layouts, business cards, web sites, and product design. The idea behind DB is to offer these services at affordable rates. It is well known that graphic designers, more often than not, have high price quotes or are just out of the budget range of a small business owner. DB helps to make it simple by keeping the budget a baseline for service and working with you from there. "No" is not an answer, but "Yes, lets work with that." is.

Your logo or business brand is your signature mark. A very important piece of the equation. Sara M Butcher, creator and founder of Dreamflier Studios, understands and knows the pressures of running a small business. The little things, like a business card, add up and nudge when there are bigger fish to fry first. She founded DB - Design by Butcher, to service others and take care of those little things so that they can deal with what really needs to be done.

"Behind DB you'll find a purpose driven soul aiming high towards being a servant to others. It is difficult, as I have found, to start a business and finding funds to rocket you out into the unknown world of corporate money. To be honest, it could be terrifying. I have never had to pay another artist for graphic or design services, but I'm not blind to the knowledge of how much it costs. What's behind DB? Easy access to design without paying an arm and a leg."

Sara M Butcher
designer | illustrator


Anonymous said...

Ho, I can see that you are branching out (is that the good english expression ?) !

That is good :)

I wish you success in this new activity.

Your art and talent can bring a sprinkle/touch of sweetness in our present world.
It would be great... :)

I also wish that this new activity won't take too much of your time, and that you will still draw and paint as usual dear Sara !

Take care :)

Dawn Obrecht said...

Kewls!! Good luck with the new biz venture!! ^^ *HUGS*