Jul 8, 2008

Okie Dokie

Well, lots goin' on...wow. So much, I just can't seem to keep up with God...He's always movin' and crackin'.

So lets get to the nitty gritty shall we? Dreamflier Studios...whats in store for it now that the printer is STILL not fixed (which reminds me...gotta email some folks). Well the solid fact is I can't afford to fix the printer right now. So the site will be changing...again...in a bit. I'm right now (literally as I'm typing) loading images onto Artwanted.com. They offer print services and I've been a member (now premium, whoo hoo) for years. They're a great community and company. Prints will be sold there from now till, well, who knows. The prices aren't far from my original prices. I just can't imagine not being able to offer these pieces of work (by God), so this is the solution for now. The advantage is Artwanted.com offers bigger sizes than I can, and different choices of paper. PLUS mugs, shirts, mousepads, etc., if you're into those things too.

As for the site, with this children's book under my belt and another one on the way, I'm ready to focus in on the illustration gig once again. When I graduated college (it's what I went to school for) I tried to get my foot in the door...but did it all wrong. Now, my work is stronger, I have a book under me, some smaller projects on my resume, and years of teaching children. I'm more confident and secure in myself to step up and do it. So prayers are needed...for I'm terrified, but excited as to where it is going to go. I feel strongly that this is where God is leading me.

Licensing, prints, all of that wonderful stuff is still available and will be available on the site. All the links just take you to a different site than mine. I trust all of the companies and businesses I connect to, I hope you do too. Commission work is still up, always happy to be of service. I consider commission paintings and work to be under the "illustrator" category.

On another note, the note of life: Bud and I are doing great; Madie is doing great (finally got her to the vet and registered); financially it's been a rough month but God has been so gracious and helpful. And finally, after stressing and stressing about Dreamflier Studios, my heart is at peace with the decision made.

Life always throws you curve balls, it's what you do with the curve ball that matters. It's been rough, have some "bruises", but at the end of each day I thank God for the fullness I have in life.

God bless you,


Anonymous said...

Take care Sara :)

Dawn Obrecht said...

Sorry about your printer, but I think Artwanted is a great solution for now. Have you thought about DeviantArt? I know some people sell prints through them too.

YAY for getting more illustration work!!